Robert van der Eijk nominated for Computable – IT Person Of The Year award

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Computable – the renowned independent website, and professional magazine that focuses on ICT professionals, has again put out the long list of nominees for its ‘IT Person of the Year’ award this year, and we are excited to announce that Robert van der Eijk from Capgemini has been nominated for this year’s award! The award is presented to a Belgian ICT personality, selected on the basis of management style, contribution to sustainability, and impact on the Belgian economy and IT sector.

Every year Computable highlights people who make a difference in areas such as economy, IT, and sustainability in Belgium. The IT Person of the Year becomes a fixed value of the Belgian IT biotope.

In conversation with Robert van der Eijk, nominee of this year’s Computable – IT Person Of The Year award.

Hello Robert, and congratulations on being nominated for the award! Tell us how you feel.

Thank you! Well, it indeed is an honour to have been nominated for the award, and it really feels great!

Could you tell us, why you were nominated 

Although Computable is an IT magazine, the award is not only about recognizing personalities from the IT sector, but also about recognizing pesonalities who make a difference in the economy with their points of view. Digital transformation is all about data, and the pandemic has certainly acclerated digital transformation. I was in contact with quite a lot of CEOs and CXOs over the last year about getting resilient business models leveraging IT and data, and at the same time, taking the sustainability aspect into consideration, to make a company more agile, sustainable and greener. I believe, I was nominated for being a valuable counterpart in reflections of business models, and the whole paradigm shift to the new way of working – challenging them, re-inventing them, and bringing them to the next edge.

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What would it mean to you to be the IT Person of the Year?

I would be hounoured to be recognized, and would like to thank everyone who nominated me. If I make it, then certainly I would be humbled to be one of those personalities who brought about a change in the business world in Belgium.

A message that you would like to share

Believe, be yourself and be connected. Always try to bring added value, grow your network, and be recognized as a trusted partner. 

Thank you so much Robert! That was indeed a great conversation!

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