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Client: A global aerospace manufacturer
Region: Global
Industry: Aerospace/Manufacturing

Capgemini helps consolidate support across platforms and improve business performance with ADMnext

Client Challenge: The manufacturer wanted to substantially improve its shipping process and consolidate support across multiple enterprise resource platforms (ERPs) to enhance issue resolution
Solution: In support of the manufacturer, the Capgemini team applied ADMnext solutions to deliver vast process improvements and extensively upskill its workforce across multiple geographies

  • Over 5,900 hours saved in one year across ERPs
  • Processes dependent on quality, sourcing, and planning were expedited by 70%
  • Substantial reduction in application outages through automation of concurrent manager activities
  • 25% improved order lead times
  • Decreased downtime across various programs

A leader in the manufacturing of jet engines, components, and integrated systems for both commercial and military aircraft was looking to support its growth goals after a recent rebranding. The organization wanted to substantially improve its shipping process and consolidate support across multiple enterprise resource platforms (ERPs) to enhance issue resolution.

In addition to these goals, the company recently joined other aerospace industry leaders in signing a pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is a tremendous challenge, as it requires important units of the business to prioritize sustainability initiatives, and the company was facing significant operational barriers in trying to achieve this.

What’s more, the large scale of the manufacturer’s international operations meant that any issue would be compounded. Multiple vendors and support teams across ERP platforms were creating disparities in the planning and shipping processes. System limitations were causing delays and hindering successful resolutions. Employees were also struggling to transfer issues between teams and tickets were sometimes stuck in limbo. Various processes needed to be examined and improved, with support consolidated across ERPs and multiple business segments.

To help address all of these challenges, the organization reached out to Capgemini for support in establishing a consolidated ERP solution to drive efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Streamlining resolutions and elevating performance through ADMnext

The Capgemini team applied ADMnext solutions to deliver consolidated ERP support for the company’s global manufacturing operations with Oracle. By unifying the company’s previously multi-pillar process structure into one instance for a single solution point, which was managed by a single global team, the partners drastically reduced turnaround times and streamlined resolutions. Programs were installed to replace the lengthy manual handling of outages and identify stuck transactions for more timely action.

Improvement was a cornerstone of the partnership. Capgemini spent 170 days delivering process improvements and upskilling the manufacturer’s workforce. Employees attended more than 2,000 hours of training to learn about the new Oracle ERP system. Approximately 40 automation and innovation projects were completed. These projects elevated operational performance and helped the workforce save a significant amount of time.

Other key implementations included:

  • A WebADI tool for improved quality maintenance, bypassing the ticketing process and reducing turnaround times
  • A redesigned purchase-order reapproval process to improve the user experience and bypass the ticketing process
  • A wrapper-checker program to identify a variety of issues that were causing downtime for manual resolution
  • Wave-plan enhancements to help users promptly address stuck orders and transactions within critical processes
  • Capgemini’s best practices for compliance and governance to ensure adherence to government-mandated cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) audits and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

This consolidated Oracle ERP solution and Capgemini’s extensive support ensure that any challenges are now handled swiftly and efficiently while tickets are no longer left unsettled.

Overall, some of the key benefits included:

  • Over 5,900 hours saved in one year across ERPs, enabling 4,000 hours to be spent on improvement and innovation projects
  • The expedition of processes dependent on quality, sourcing, and planning by 70% while avoiding inaccurate inventory due to excessive or insufficient supply and demand
  • A substantial reduction in application outages and the ability to resume operations quicker when outages did occur through automation of concurrent manager activities
  • A 25% improvement in order lead times through a better wave order process
  • Decreased downtime across various programs.

A future partnership primed to reach new heights

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Capgemini had the experience and capabilities needed to deliver an Oracle ERP solution the manufacturer could trust. The project teams will continue to leverage this expertise as well as Capgemini’s extensive experience in digital transformations that support global companies. The partners are eager to continue working together in order to drive greater operational efficiency, improve processes and issue resolution, continuously upskill teams, and save employees time so that they are free focus their efforts on the company’s overall growth mission.