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Client story

Capgemini to drive digital business transformation for STIB-MIVB for 5 years

Region: Belgium
Sector: Public Sector

Capgemini has been awarded as the sole integrator of the ‘Magellan’ program for the Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB) – Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel (MIVB) for five years with a possible extension of three years. The Magellan program aims STIB-MIVB from merely a tram/bus/metro ticket vendor to an end-to-end multi-model transport service provider (tram/bus/metro/bicycle/car-pooling etc.).

Under this program the aim is to set up a SAP AMS organization in order to migrate from the SAP ECC6 to SAP S/4 HANA, and to outsource the current infrastructure into the cloud for STIB-MIVB. From Capgemini’s perspective this win is exciting and important. It will operate an S4 migration, starting by industrializing the AMS activities, setting up the right organization and working in collaboration and sync with the key Mallegan stakeholders.

This transformation will help STIB to secure business continuity, to ensure change readiness, save cost for the upcoming transformation, while also being a key factor to prepare the team for innovations in the future.

What makes Capgemini standout from our competitors and peers is our truly ‘Run-Build-Run’ approach while being committed to the idea of ‘Perform while Transform.’

Some key factors that led to this massive win for Capgemini winning this mandate also includes:

► Building a smarter path forward (eAPM)
With the constant need to innovate, reduce IT expenditure, and modernize practices while adapting new technologies, the challenges were addressed by leveraging our eAPM approach. This included:

– identifying the right ERP needs based on specific client context
– highlight the cost-saving opportunities
– discover the adequate angle to drive a successful transformation along with a roadmap

Our colleagues Hans D’Hooge and Tom Kochuyt were instrumental in drafting the initial analysis and unlocking an action plan for the overall STIB roadmap.

► Working with a great and stable Team
One of the biggest factors that contributed to this win was the team spirit shown by our colleagues. From the beginning to the win, we had the same team that contributed to the success of the deal.
Yannick Muriat – Client Delivery Executive made all the necessary efforts to convince the client about our approach.
Hans D’Hooge – As a transformation leader, Hans shared accurate and correct client feedback and at the same time challenged it wherever needed.
Pierre Joly and Amine Benjelloun – As AMS leads, they took the challenge very enthusiastically and adapted their delivery model basis to the client’s requirements. They were responsible for creating a stable and secure team for the STIB.
Nor Goudjil and Remi Escourbanies – Their enthusiasm and energy to drive the discussion around S4 migration approach was well received and appreciated by the client.
Lucie Kroemer – As the executive sponsor, Lucie was one of the first persons to believe in this project, and she positioned STIB-MIVB as a huge strategic opportunity for Capgemini and made investments to secure the quality of our proposal.

With exceptional listening skills, understanding the customers’ expectations and adapting to the client’s requirements, the team showed exceptional team spirit and was instrumental in this win.

At the same time, the multi-partnership model had its own set of challenges. Eric De QuatrebarbesJosef Matulka, and Piet-Wybe Wagter extended their full trust and support towards our sales strategy and understand the client’s needs at every stage of the decision-making process.

Thierry Leborgne, Account Director for this win quotes:

“The journey was challenging but it is really pleasant to see the mobilization of our group. We did all step out of our comfort zone to make it a success.  When the whole team is not sure of the outcome but really want it, everything is possible … and we, as a group, are unbeatable!”

From Capgemini’s perspective, this massive win is a testament to the fact that our large talent pool is equipped to collaborate and work on such extensive projects, ensuring a 100% client satisfaction and appreciation, and carving a path for many more such opportunities in the near future.