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Client story

Capgemini Belgium helps VMSW with its rich SAP expertise

Client: VMSW
Region: Belgium
Industry: Public Sector

In the last few years, Capgemini Belgium has used its rich experience and expertise to digitally transform and automate processes for government organizations and agencies. Recently, we signed a 5-year contract with The Flemish Company for Social Housing (VMSW) and have offered our SAP expertise such as ICT Profiles, SAP license contract, and SAP4HANA migration.

VMSW is a public institution, an agency of the Flemish Government governed by public law, and a leading partner for actors in social housing. Together with them, it makes social housing accessible and possible in Flanders. VMSW has also been in advisory and financing for over 100 social housing companies involved in the building, renovation, rent, and sale of social dwellings.

Capgemini successfully managed to deliver the resources, skills, and required expertise for AMS and ECC upgrades, delivering references for ECC upgrades and a good OTACE in 2022. The ECC upgrade project that kickstarted in June 2022, and delivered in November 2022, was highly appreciated by the customer in terms of timely delivery, governance, and execution, giving us a lot of visibility in the organization.

Partnering with a government organization like VMSW not only gives Capgemini visibility in the market but also showcases our technical and professional competence to execute critical projects with high professional standards, showing a path for more such successful collaborations in the future.