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Highlights from the World Economic Forum ANNUAL MEETING

Davos, January 2023

The future of industry will be more intelligent, efficient, sustainable, and resilient.

In January 2023, more than 2,500 leaders from business, government, and society, from all over the world, convened at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. 

This year’s event theme was “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” which set the context to discuss key priorities and how to achieve ambitious business and sustainability goals in what are exceptionally challenging circumstances.

As a WEF Strategic Partner, we showcased how we create immediate positive impact and long-term value for our clients to enable resilience, security, and future growth.

Read our insights

Read a recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute: Advancing through headwinds: Where are organizations investing? 

Becoming a truly sustainable business requires a fundamental redesign of systems and processes – and this article looks at how to do that

This white paper from the World Economic Forum, co-authored by Capgemini, highlights examples of collaborative initiatives and strategies

Watch the videos

Executive leaders, including Capgemini CEO Aiman Ezzat, talk about where business and government should focus their investment priorities

Capgemini CEO Aiman Ezzat speaks to CNBC’s Joumanna Bercetche during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting

Martine Stillman and Cyril Garcia discuss what sustainable design is and how to deploy it to gain market share, deepen customer loyalty, and set your business up for the future

Alain Chardon and Cyril Garcia discuss how scarcity of resources and changing consumer expectations around sustainability have supercharged business interest in circularity

Ann Torres and Cyril Garcia explore the opportunities and challenges to unlocking this multi-billion-dollar opportunity

Keith Williams and Ann Torres discuss how we can make practical progress within our sphere of control, based on what new technologies and approaches can realistically deliver

Sudhir Pai and Olivier Sevillia discuss how bridging DeFi and the regulated finance market is essential to unlocking new business value

How can we combine the power of creative design and prediction to explore what travel will look like in 2050?

See the demos

A framework to provide industrial metaverse applications, connecting experts and operators around the globe with real assets through digital twins

Energy Command Center was built on an IoT-based architecture for intuitive resource management. It harnesses a data-driven approach and digitalization to monitor and manage the performance of energy assets

Hydrogen holds great promise as a future sustainable fuel for transportation – and this demo shows the potential of a hydrogen-powered car