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Grocery’s digital dilemma

For many grocers, fast-growing digital channels are also their least profitable.

With digital playing an integral role in the future of the industry, grocers must innovate—finding ways to improve margins and capitalize on the growth opportunity of online channels.

Maximizing the profitability of grocery’s fast-growing digital channels

Over the next five years, e-commerce grocery sales are projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1%… but is that growth good news for grocers?

For many the answer is no. Legacy systems and processes that often serve as the foundation for digital grocery offers are not suitable for modern shoppers, leading to challenges in availability and fulfillment that chip away at satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. 

By 2025
grocers will lose
in margin for every 
in digital sales due to underdeveloped digital grocery offers

A new solution to super-charge digital profitability and growth

Our latest expert point of view, Grocery’s digital dilemma: Maximizing the profitability of grocery’s fastest growing channel, explores how organizations must adapt to compete and overcome digital fulfillment challenges, thereby creating a successful, sustainable, and scalable digital grocery offer.

Join us as we review the fundamental principles grocers need to embrace to recapture lost profits and reposition this burgeoning channel as a growth engine.

Want to learn more about how Capgemini’s Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment can help your organization reach the next level of growth? View our digital grocery offer page or contact our experts to schedule a consultation.

Food waste reduction solutions for retail

Less waste, more value. One-third of all food is wasted, harming the climate, biodiversity, and consumers. Food waste is a global challenge.

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Meet our experts

Lindsey Mazza

Global Retail Lead, Capgemini
Lindsey is Capgemini’s Global Retail Lead. She is a retail thought leader and subject matter expert who specializes in shopper-centric, unified-channel commerce and innovation. With nearly 20 years’ experience in retail transformation, Lindsey has served some of the world’s largest retailers in analytics-enabled integrated planning and execution, from consumer demand to receipt.

Leo Muid

Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment Offer Lead
Leo is Capgemini’s Global Offer Lead for Order Management. He has 20 years’ experience working with retail and CPG firms as an architect and CTO adviser in digital order management, omnichannel order fulfillment, and customer supply chain. He has worked extensively with leading OMS technologies and delivered some of the largest global implementations.