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Opération Thermos – Delivering Happiness

30 Jan 2023

For several years, Capgemini Belgium has actively supported Opération Thermos, an organization that supports people who are deprived of a roof over their heads. Each year, our volunteers assemble to distribute meals to them.

This year as well, our energetic and enthusiastic team of volunteers from Capgemini, including Sogeti and Capgemini Engineering, came together to cook and distribute meals at the Botanique / Kruidtuin metro station. It was really nice to see our colleagues across different nationalities, departments, and different generations come together and support the cause.

There is no bigger joy than giving back to society and every individual who participated in this noble cause lived up to this emotion. A small meal for someone can make a huge difference and this small effort taken by our colleagues is in the right direction to make the world a better place.

The initiative has been immensely successful in its previous editions, thanks to the wonderful efforts of the volunteers, Naji Abiraad, and actively supported by Annlore Defossez, CSR officer, Capgemini Belgium.

This year too there were about 200 meals distributed and it was fascinating to see our colleagues turning up to provide food to the needy.

You can check out the pictures here:

About Opération Thermos:

Initiated by scout leaders in December 1987, Opération Thermos addresses the conscious needs of the deprived, especially hunger. Through this initiative, the objective was to serve thermos of coffee and sandwiches every evening at public transport stations.

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