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We help our healthcare clients adapt in a rapidly changing world – creatively, and effectively.

The pandemic has exacerbated the chronic challenges of the healthcare industry. In a competitive, highly regulated sector, the focus on digital health, cybersecurity, patient data transparency, and more, is growing.

Organizations like yours are responding. As you deal with the pandemic, are you thinking about enhancing access to, and the quality, of care?  How are you optimizing your cost of care? Are you focused on superlative patient experience and clinical outcomes? 
We help you build solutions that address the healthcare sector’s core issues, and help you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

“Capgemini has developed a series of smart healthcare offerings to address the sector’s biggest pain-points post the pandemic shock.”

Saurabh Gupta, Chief Analyst, HFS Research

The World Life and Health Insurance Report 2022

The Wellness Revolution: How insurers are driving growth with customer well-being.

Industry themes

Digital technology has redefined the manner in which care is delivered and outcomes are measured.

Capgemini’s offerings address the triple effects of cost, quality, and accessibility of care, in a fast-evolving world.

Everyone knows prevention is better than cure, and data insight has a major role to play.

Our innovative offerings in real-time medical management, healthcare affordability, fraud, and abuse analytics help healthcare organizations to move the needle from illness to wellness.

We live in a world of rapidly changing healthcare regulations.

Our deep-domain healthcare specialists are constantly researching the prevailing regulatory environment – be it the ongoing regulations around Fast Health Interoperability (FHIR), or price transparency, or tele-health.

The pandemic has increased the need for remote assessment and treatment – but it also increases vulnerability to data security breaches.

We provide industry-leading cybersecurity and data privacy offerings that will keep your member/patient data safe.

Client stories

Expert perspectives

Meet our experts

Dr. Christina Remediakis

Expert in Healthcare Strategy and Innovation

Shyamsree Nandi

Expert in BI, Big Data and Data Science, Cloud modernization, Data Warehousing, Insurance, Life Sciences

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