Digital Transformation and Innovation

Josean Mendez

Expert in Digital Transformation, Mobility

Vice President and SAP Partner and Ecosystem Lead, Global Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at Capgemini, Josean leads the Digital Portfolio and Digital Assets for Capgemini. With 20 years of experience in Mobile Solutions and the Software Development industry, he combines it with his passion to drive Digital transformation for our customers. His constant endeavor is to keep abreast of the rapidly changing marketplace in order to devise agile solutions for a future-proof, industry-agnostic digital enterprise.

Josean Mendez

My experience

Digital Technologies, Portfolio and Assets Lead @ Capgemini

January 2015 - Present

Principal | Chief Mobile Technology Architect @ Capgemini

01/21/2010 - Jan 2014

SVP Product Engineering @ Abaco Mobile

02/18/1998 to 01/14/2010

Sr Systems Analyst and Application Developer @ Borschow Healthcare Information Systems

02/03/1994 to 01/07/1998