Fokko Dijksterhuis

Expert in Cybersecurity, Security Awareness and Crisis Management

With a background in crisis management and international relations, my mission as a cybersecurity professional is to help improve the cyber resilience of organisations, communities and countries.

I help organisations improve their cyber maturity through (amongst others) awareness programmes and cyber crisis response projects, and help foster cooperation in the cybersecurity domain on both the cross-organizational and international level. In addition to that, I organize generic crisis management exercises and programmes for a multitude of public entities, ranging from municipalities, safety regions, Ministries and international entities.

Fokko Dijksterhuis

My experience

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

September 2017 - present

Project Employee @ Government Administration

October 2016 - July 2017

Intern - Justice & Security Center of Excellence @ Advisory Firm

October 2014 - February 2015