Capgemini at AWS re:Invent 2018

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What is AWS re:Invent?

The largest global cloud computing conference is once again sure to take the tech community by storm this coming November. AWS re:Invent has been growing each year and 2018 gears up to not disappoint. Spanning across seven properties in Las Vegas, AWS re:Invent is expecting over 40,000 attendees. Being the annual user conference for AWS re:Invent focuses on cloud strategies, operations, security, developer productivity and IT architecture and infrastructure. It is the perfect function to gain more knowledge in core AWS services, get educated on technical best practices and learn about the latest cloud innovations.

Capgemini at re:Invent 2018

Based on our ten-year relationship with AWS, and Capgemini being a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an AWS Managed Service Partner, Capgemini will have a forward presence as a platinum sponsor at the event. We can help you translate your vision and strategy into reality.

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Our Demos Included:

Capgemini has the depth of experience and breadth of capability to help you shift and accelerate to a cloud-first core enterprise that will outpace the competition, leveraging AWS technology. Explore our innovative demos showcasing our latest offerings on the following topics:

Cloud Native:

Digital Cloud Platform: Capgeminis’ DCP accelerates digital transformation efforts up to 100% by providing a comprehensive platform and a suite of proven reusable technology components. DCP accelerates your ability to build, deploy and refine applications, cutting time-to-market up to 50%. DCP helps clients accelerate their leverage of leading digital transformation technologies such as block chain, IOT, AI and machine learning applied to real business challenges and unlocking new value propositions for our clients faster.

Financial Services:

Open Banking: In the new whirlwind of banking dynamic conditions, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are playing an increasingly influential role in driving new business opportunities. Open Banking presents financial services organizations with a new set of digitally enabled business opportunities, as well as access to new business model extensions enabled trough more connected partnership collaborations.


SAP Capgemini Cloud Automation on AWS: We bring a true Ready-to-Run Service which maintains and supports your infrastructure that harbours innovation, in the Cloud.



Smart FA Genome: Financial advisors are the most critical and expensive resource for any wealth management firm, however not much is done to focus on analytics for providing meaningful FA insights due to lack of data. Built using on AWS, Capgemini is creating digital profiles of financial advisors. Our analytics system uncovers insights into FA success, propensities, possible improvements and a Best Practice Recommendation (BPR) predicting system. By appropriating FAs into value-based segments, a wealth management firm can explore ground-breaking operation streamlining for client-facing and internal departments.

Cloud Migration:

eAPM: A groundbreaking solution that combines a proven portfolio assessment methodology with a stunningly graphical analysis and decision-making tool. The solution aggregates data describing the IT landscape (Business processes, applications, and infrastructures serving them) and provides different lenses to analyze it in order to model and secure a transformation scenario addressing CIOs primary needs among which portfolio baselining, Move-to-Cloud strategy or Business processes efficiency.

Breakout Session.

Petabytes of Data & No Servers: Corteva Scales DNA Analysis to Meet Increasing Business Demand

Corteva Agriscience, the agricultural division of DowDuPont, produces as much DNA sequence data every six hours as existed in the entire public sphere in 2008. On-premises processing and storage could not scale to meet the business demand. Partnering with Sogeti (part of Capgemini), Corteva replatformed their existing Hadoop-based genome processing systems into AWS using a serverless, cloud-native architecture. In this session, learn how Corteva Agriscience met current and future data processing demands without maintaining any long-running servers by using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EMR, AWS Glue, AWS Batch and more.

AWS Global Partner Summit Session:

Going Big in the Cloud: Migrations – Opportunity for You and Your Customers

The public cloud has become mainstream. For your customers, the question is not “if“ they move to the cloud, but “how” and “how fast?”. You have a great opportunity to deliver significant business benefit to your customers by helping them move at speed and scale onto AWS. In this session, we use customer examples to discuss the drivers exciting your customers to move to AWS, the business benefits to you in helping them make the move, the programs AWS has to support your migration projects, and migration sales and delivery best practices.

Experience the Capgemini Effect.

At Capgemini we believe that the most memorable customer experiences come from a profound analytical understanding of customer behavior insights. Our experts work with you to mine data, draw insights and decipher profound feelings and emotions to build technology solutions that grow your business. This human centered approach to technology – which we call “The Capgemini Effect” – is what makes your customers of today, the ambassador of tomorrow.

Watch our latest video to learn more about the Capgemini Effect and how we leverage our expert insight across our AWS partnership!

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