You’re looking for an edge: a way to jumpstart your career while you’re still in school.
An internship, apprenticeship or work-study program can take you there, and they’re all available at Capgemini.

What We Look For

It’s simple: we want the best and brightest. People who are passionate about technology. People who are excited by the prospect of making a real impact even at an early stage.
If that’s you, read on.

Shortly after joining the Higher Apprentice programme, I wanted to be able to give something back to not only the company, but the wider community. I want to share my passion for technology and inspire young students into careers in consulting. So right now, I’ve been helping to develop the Higher Apprentice programme for future intakes.

Matt Benaron
Junior Programmer

A Day in the Life

You can expect to work on a variety of hands-on projects, enjoy real responsibility and make a concrete contribution from day one. Every day will be a learning experience that challenges your problem solving, analytical, organizational and teamwork skills — all of which are essential for future gainful employment.

Your Immediate Rewards

You’ll gain new skills and knowledge about business trends and issues by working directly with experts in your chosen field. As part of our global community, you’ll immediately benefit from a wealth of networking opportunities, which will help you make valuable contacts for your future career.

I was immediately attracted to the internship that Capgemini offered me: a placement spending three months in French and three months in India. Doing part of my internship in India enriched me both personally and professionally

Pierre-Antoine Creach
Capgemini Financial Services Intern

Plus, we have many programs that enable you to get training support and earn recognized qualifications—without incurring any student loan debt.