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Consultant at Capgemini Invent – Frog



Strategy and transformation


I am grateful to be part of an organization that values the well-being and holistic development of its employees.

– Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

I am a consultant at Capgemini Invent and more specifically at Frog. I am currently project manager for the internal and external communication of Capgemini Belgium’s move. It’s a very diverse project with a lot of stakeholders. I meet employees every day from different units and it’s really enriching.

I am also part of the internal sustainability team at Capgemini Invent where I can internally develop my sustainability skills but also contribute internally to my team.

– What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?

Capgemini places a strong emphasis on innovation and digital transformation, which offers its employees the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and technologies. The company has a global presence and a diverse workforce, providing a collaborative and dynamic working environment. Capgemini also places a strong emphasis on learning and development, offering a range of training and development programmes to help employees grow and advance their careers. In addition, the company places great emphasis on ethical and socially responsible practices, which gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

– What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

Capgemini is a company that truly embodies a human-centric culture. From leadership to colleagues, everyone is approachable and kind, making it easy to connect and collaborate. The company’s emphasis on inclusivity and diversity is evident in its work environment, where individuals from various backgrounds and experiences are welcomed and supported. At Capgemini, the focus is not only on achieving business goals, but also on fostering a positive and supportive community that encourages personal and professional growth.

– How are you working towards the future you want?

To achieve the future I desire, I make it a daily practice to set ambitious goals and focus on areas of interest that align with my personal and professional development. By proactively seeking out new opportunities, I position myself to work on projects that offer diverse challenges and experiences.

I understand that diversifying my skillset and knowledge base is essential for achieving long-term success. That’s why I actively seek out projects and assignments that expose me to new technologies, methodologies, and industries. By embracing new challenges, I continue to hone my skills and develop a versatile skillset that enables me to take on new responsibilities and adapt to evolving market demands.

Moreover, I prioritize continuous learning and development through various channels, such as attending industry events, seeking mentorship, and participating in training programs. This approach enables me to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in my field and positions me to contribute to my team and the broader organization.

– What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini?

If you are joining Capgemini, my advice would be to embrace the company’s culture and values, and to take advantage of the opportunities available to you. Be proactive in seeking out learning and development opportunities, as well as networking opportunities with colleagues across the organization. Capgemini values collaboration and teamwork, so don’t hesitate to reach out to colleagues for support and guidance. Additionally, stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements, and be open to trying new things and taking on new challenges. Finally, maintain a positive attitude and approach your work with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and grow.

Are you ready to get the future you want?

Career Paths

Take the first steps in a bold new direction. A career at Capgemini offers you the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones. Develop your career in the direction you want to take it.

Bring your mastery and experience to a global business that values and celebrates its experts, and we will provide you with the opportunity to take the next meaningful step in your career journey.

Developing our leaders is one of Capgemini’s key priorities. We have designed leading-edge learning initiatives specifically for helping you as an executive to enhance your people and business skills.