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Conflicts of interest

Capgemini’s Conflict of Interest (CoI) policy applies to all employees, for all companies of the Group. These principles are designed to help us abide by the ethical principles set out in Capgemini’s Code of Business Ethics.

Capgemini fully respects private lives and recognizes that employees may be part of legitimate financial, business, civic, and community networks outside their jobs at Capgemini. Personal interests may therefore potentially adversely influence our judgment, objectivity, or loyalty to the company; a conflict of interest between company interests and personal interests may occur.

Declare is a confidential web-based conflict-of-interest management tool provided by Capgemini to its employees and board members globally to declare and manage conflicts of interest (such as outside business interests, close relationships, board memberships, outside financial interests, and other conflicts of interest).

Download Conflicts of Interest policy:

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