Building schools in Guatemala to empower a new generation

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In Guatemala, Capgemini employees are putting their time and resources into making a real difference – in a country where 40% of children do not complete elementary school.

Guatemala is a small Central American country with one of the lowest education rates in the world. With a staggering 40% of their children unable to complete elementary school, education is an unparalleled priority in Guatemala. In a country where good education can open a wealth of opportunities, Capgemini Guatemala is ensuring that children from disadvantaged environments and homes have a fighting chance to improve their future.

Dozens of dedicated employees from Capgemini Guatemala have been working relentlessly to build schools with adequate facilities in Ciudad Quetzal on the outskirts of Guatemala City. This is not just about volunteering through fundraising, but also through actual physical work to construct the schools. And the volunteers have never been happier! Their efforts have already positively impacted the lives of over 350 children, and they are all set to take this number higher.

This is the second time that Capgemini has put their backs and energy into a school building project. The success of the first school they constructed in 2016 has further cemented their belief that they are making a difference, and while work continues on the second school, they already have their sights set on a third.

Watch the video to learn more about how our colleagues in Guatemala have been making an amazing and greatly appreciated difference to the society in Ciudad Quetzal.

Across the world, Capgemini team members have been participating in a global fund raising challenge that involves jogging, walking, running, cycling to accumulate kilometers using a specially designed app. Thousands have participated. The Guatemala school building project is one of three educationally based endeavors to support underserved communities. Called “Move Fifty,” the initiative is part of our 50th anniversary celebrations.

Visit the Capgemini50 dedicated website to learn more.

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