Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Times change the view of work. The job is no longer associated with a place but something you do, regardless of location and often based on your own planning. Today we need a digital workplace that enables flexibility and promotes productivity where I am and when I need it. The hub of, and the starting point for the digital workplace is a modern intranet. The starting point is Smart Workspace which gives you the maximum benefit of Office 365.

With a digital workplace you can perform your work wherever you want, no matter the time of day. Everything can be solved through your phone. The information you see is directed to you based on who you are and what role you have. You always have quick access to the documents or projects you are working on because a smart digital workplace gives you the most relevant information first.

What is Smart Workspace?

Most companies today have intranets that function as a bulletin board. Here, employees can check up on work-related issues, time reports and access internal news. Smart Workspace performs many more functions than that. Here, employees can collaborate and interact, quickly find the right information through smart searches and filtering, and get instant access to all the powerful tools in Office 365 *:

  • Microsoft Teams – Everyone knows Teams. You can basically do everything via Teams: call, collaborate , conduct online / video meetings, share files and much more
  • Outlook – Easy access to your email, calendar and contacts, directly via Smart Workspace
  • Delve –Keep up to date, and discover new information and contacts, based on what’s most important to you
  • Microsoft Planner – Organize and assign tasks for your team, share files and get more done
  • Yammer – Discuss ideas, share updates, and get feedback from colleagues across the organization
  • Groups – Participate in the latest group discussions, share photos and notes and collaborate on files with the entire team
  • Dynamics CRM – Work with sales and customer-related information directly in Smart Workspace
  • Power BI – Transform your company’s data into more interactive reports and dashboards
  • Skype for Business – Simplify your infrastructure with a platform for calls, conferences, video and sharing optimized in Microsoft Cloud
  • YouTube – List, share and watch content from your YouTube channel without leaving your digital workplace
  • Office365 video – Upload, share and play videos throughout your business.
  • Twitter – Stay informed by adding your company Twitter feed directly to your intranet
  • Facebook – View public posts (from a Facebook page or profile) directly in your intranet

View public posts (from a Facebook page or profile) directly in your intranet

* The features that can be made available are determined by your Office 365 plan.


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