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Shift to a cloud-first core. Get ahead. Stay ahead.

Capgemini can help you become a ‘Cloud First’ organization by modernizing your datacentre, applications and thus becoming nimble and fast. Hear the commentary of what is happening in the world of the cloud from our local as well as global cloud experts as they discuss the cloud-first way of working.

Capgemini boasts of a plethora of local as well as global cloud experts.  If you have a query or want to discuss a new trend, talk to our local experts listed below.

Blogs from our experts

Taming the Cloud in a multi-hybrid environment!

Is hybrid/multi-cloud on your roadmap? Here’s how to tame the new beast to drive business...

Does my cloud strategy have a silver lining?

Majority of CIOs agree that cloud is the foundation of their digital transformation and are...

Why AWS: Five reasons why you should go for it

The reasons for migrating or starting fresh in the cloud can be many, but the most common...

Site Reliability Engineering

How to start with Site Reliability Engineering without breaking the bank?

I am On Cloud – What’s Next?

The last few years has witnessed a tremendous growth in cloud computing. Today 49% of the...

Confusion in the Cloud: Greenfield or Brownfield?

The advantages of moving to the cloud have been well established, with companies reaping its...

How to efficiently manage a hybrid cloud?

Today, any business that you look at is modernizing something somewhere. And, the demand is...

Avoiding Cloud Legacy

Modernizing legacy is a cost, and yes there is an investment required. But if it is done in a...

Three things the cloud can do for you

Modernize your datacenter

  • Reduce costs, while improving agility and quality.
  • Migrate applications to the public cloud.
  • Set up a private cloud by automating what you keep on premise.

Modernize your applications

  • Increase productivity, scalability, and performance.
  • Replace applications with SaaS, or with managed ISV applications on the public cloud.
  • Re-factor and re-platform custom applications to run in the cloud.

Become a nimble enterprise

  • Improve velocity, reduce time to market, and capture new business opportunities.
  • Integrate applications in the cloud, or build cloud-native applications to create new services.
  • Develop APIs, and deploy new code to production continuously.

Building Business Agility: Louisiana Pacific, Capgemini & AWS

Technology brings a renewed customer-focus to building manufacturer. To improve reliability and uptime, Capgemini recommended a different service model – a move to the cloud platform with Amazon Web Services. The results exceeded expectations. Beyond the scalability and efficiency benefits, LP increased business agility and speed-to-market to find the pulse of what is next and spur new thinking.

Overcome the barriers to a cloud-first way of working: We help you construct the business case for cloud and develop your cloud roadmap.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Build sustainable competitive advantage in a fast-paced digital world with the right cloud...

Cloud automation podcasts

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, this podcast series focuses on key cloud automation topics: How to transform your organization for DevOps, the tools needed to achieve it, and its impact on jobs. Is your IT fast enough or is legacy IT your slowest common denominator, are cloud native companies more successful, and what is the future: DevOps or ‘NoOps’? Technology journalist, Charlotte Jee interviews Capgemini cloud experts.
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Talk to our global experts

Charlie Li

I work with enterprise clients across North America on all stages of cloud adoption and transformation, from forming a strategy and roadmap, to migrating applications, cloud-native development and public cloud managed services.

Amanda Clay

I’m an expert in cloud platform services. I help clients bring innovative business ideas to market using technologies such as enterprise iPaaS, cloud-native applications and APIs. I have twenty years of delivery experience across the full project lifecycle.

Ben Scowen

I create business services in the cloud using a selection of cloud platform services, while avoiding lock-in with a single software vendor, cloud provider or systems integrator. I help clients select, use and run the most appropriate cloud platform services, allowing them to focus on digital transformation and building business outcomes.

Jennifer Marchand

I am an engagement delivery lead with extensive experience delivering cloud strategies and platforms, and scaling cross functional teams.

Joseph Coyle

My role as Capgemini North America CTO and Leader of the Strategic Technologies and Application Team (STAT) is specializing in Cloud planning, migration, and run.

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