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In defense, digital technology is now vital both to the smooth and efficient running of core functions like HR, finance, supply chain and logistics, and to achieving military superiority in the field.

Military communications, sensors, maintenance, and command and control (C2) are increasingly interconnected. Systems share data across land, sea, air, and now cyber domains. We help to secure this data with robust governance, while system efficacy is assured using scaled agile development methodologies.

Our solutions address key defense sector challenges including managing personnel in a digital world, equipment and support in theaters of war, operational superiority, and the transition to cloud. We apply intelligent and disruptive technologies, such as AI, edge computing and 5G, and we raise performance by applying data-driven insights.

Swedish Armed Forces choose us to deliver strategic HR services

In-depth knowledge of application landscapes, long experience with SAP, and high delivery capacity are among the reasons why we were chosen.

What we do

Recruiting, retaining, and training thousands of defense personnel annually is a huge task that is increasingly enabled by new technologies.

With growing volumes of young digital natives joining the armed forces, expectations for intuitive, ‘tell-me-once’ HR services are high. The global pandemic also accelerated the uptake of digital tools as physical recruitment centers closed and many HR processes moved online.

In this continually changing environment, we build secure architectures that help to safeguard both confidential personal information and national security. We support defense organizations in the selection, implementation, and operation of the right HR tools – from ERP to SaaS or custom developed applications – to give HR professionals a joined-up picture across highly specialized military capability suites. And we use automation to streamline HR processes, making them more efficient and accessible.

Support functions add value by using information and insights to procure, deploy, and maintain the right equipment around the world.

The scope of defense inventory management is huge. While it typically requires significant resources and time-consuming administrative tasks, new digital tools and automation are changing the game.

We advise, integrate, develop, and deploy solutions that use data and insights to inform logistics decisions, helping maintenance teams to increase equipment availability. We have invested in automation and AI to anticipate everything needed by people in the field, where and when it’s needed – and to support it with predictive maintenance.

Our Logistics Assistance Using Robot Automation (LAURA) tool for the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD), has expanded the MOD’s ability to define precise operational metrics, including the volume and type of items being processed.

Military superiority today rests on the effective use of real-time and contextually relevant data to inform decisions.

Data has become a vital asset in military operations. Real-time systems are now part of the chain of command, putting the right data, in the right place, at the right time. The security and integrity of these C2 systems is understandably critical.

We work with national defense organizations to build secure data solutions addressing the constraints of in-theater operations. We simulate critical systems utilizing digital twin technology and find innovative ways to keep deployed personnel connected across the world.

We use emerging technologies to strengthen operational performance and protect military people. For example, our digital mine warfare tool features GIS components to inform countermeasure decisions.

As defense organizations move away from legacy infrastructure to cloud platforms, decisions about sovereignty and cybersecurity are uppermost.

Cloud offers the opportunity to deploy new capabilities in the field quickly and efficiently, while overcoming the constraints posed by legacy systems.

We help clients define and implement cloud strategies, giving them fast, flexible, and resilient cloud services that also put them in control of their applications and data. We identify the most suitable environment for each workload within a hybrid, multi-cloud approach, depending on the level of security and sovereignty required to protect strategic national assets.

We are part of a consortium that has developed an AI platform for classified data. And we have forged exciting partnerships to extend our cloud expertise with next-generation cloud solutions built on secure, end-to-end cloud infrastructure services.

Keeping UK armed forces equipped and ready for action

Our solution passes early tests with flying colors as MOD seeks maximum value from defense spending.

Meet our experts

Robert Cagnell

Account Executive Defense & Security
Robert is passionate for developing public sector clients. He brings management experience from leadership positions in consulting, IT and public sector. His experience covers strategy- and transformation projects in both public and private sector that have increased growth, digitization and sustainability. Before consulting, Robert held positions in Armed Forces Headquarters as Head of analysis and has worked as an officer in Navy and Army units including international operations.

Göran Uggla

Vice President, Head of Public Services, Capgemini Invent Sweden, Denmark and Finland
Göran Uggla is an expert and a senior management consultant with in organizational governance, public services strategy and the digitalization of governmental services. He runs Capgemini Invents Public Services industry in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and he is a sought after thought leader by clients in both the ministries of the government offices and central agencies.