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an inclusive culture

When you join Capgemini, you join a global organization, with 120 nationalities, that celebrates diversity in all its forms.

We believe that diversity combined with active inclusion enables innovation and produces value that benefits everyone. We strive to create a vibrant culture where people of all backgrounds are empowered to build meaningful careers. That’s why we’re working with global and local organizations and our own employees to ensure we create equal opportunities for all, address bias in the workplace, and equip all our managers with the skills to be truly inclusive leaders.

“It’s our conviction that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment leads to a working place where every person feels encouraged and supported in being themselves 100% and reach their full potential. Diversity is also critical from the business perspective as it helps us to understand the society as a whole and all the needs that comes with it.”

Dorotea Gawek, Head of Employer Branding, Nordics

As of 2021, our managers and executives participate in inclusive leadership training, including a workshop on unconscious bias, to develop new mindsets and behaviors. This training is designed to help our people to recognize any biases they have, understand the impact they have on decision-making, and address them in order to ensure an inclusive and productive culture.

We have launched an ambitious program focused on promoting the career development of women at all levels of our organization. We have committed to having women make up 40% of our workforce by the end of 2025, with 30% female representation on our executive leadership teams. In our women network #addher we create a place for all women in tech to get inspired and encouraged.

Since 2007, we have been expanding our OUTfront global employee network, whose mission is to provide a forum for education and awareness supporting the professional growth and recognition of LGBTQIA+ community along with their allies. OUTfront currently operates in 21 countries.

With surveys with special focus on inclusion we seek to understand the needs, and hear the voices, of all our people.

Our effort for creating an inclusive future stretches beyond our own organization. Together with HelloWorld we host summer camps, and coding sessions for children from disadvantaged areas, where access to tutors, and technology can’t be taken for granted. It’s a joyful way to help children, become a role model, and create a little more inclusive future.