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AIE, Supporting Nordics Organisations

Innovation is not a hobby project.  Failing fast is no longer good enough.  Organisations expect a high percentage of deployed solutions from their investments and well structured systematic

The Applied Innovation Exchange network is the backbone orchestrating innovation capabilities for the whole Capgemini for the benefit of clients

Applied innovation is about deploying, practicing and strategically supporting customers to become as proficient at applying innovation as we are for many organisations across the Nordics. 

We are connected to a global network of 20+ exchanges that meet regularly, manage ecosystems, share research and best-practices and raise the Capgemini profile of capabilities and structured innovation support customers expect.  We want you to move beyond using today’s technology to solve today’s challenges into creating new opportunities, services and businesses that outmanoevering disruption and create sustained value.

The team is staffed with practicing innovation professionals with strong track records of applying innovation, disruptive thinking, new business model design, facilitation and exploration into often challenging areas or new opportunities.

    The Hive: The Future Of Connected Health

    Join this session of The Hive for discussions with industry leaders and representatives from top universitiesNovember 2, 2022, 16.30-20.30

    Innovation Week: A Defining Decade

    For this edition, our new joiners focused on making the world a better place using technology.


      Experience a 1–2-day exploration of topics relevant to your business objectives. Gain insights from Subject Matter Experts and local ecosystem representatives, from academia, industries & start-ups. The AIE facilitates each bespoke session using our own proven innovation methods and tools.
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      The plan under which rapid action is taken toward a managed and sustainable governance of innovation processes.
      The Applied Innovation Exchange in Malmö has developed the Accelerated Innovation Programme to enable our clients to see vast improvements in their innovation strategies, from idea collection to backlog management through to scalable innovations and awareness marketing.
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      The Immersive Studio Experience is a vital tool that takes our colleagues, collaborators and clients on an exploration through the world of immersive technologies – and what  it could mean for them and their business.

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      Features of the Immersive Studio Experience:

      • Capgemini expertise and credentials
      • Ecosystem & partners showcase
      • Context surrounding Immersive Technologies
      • State-of-the-art technologies

      Capgemini Sweden is proud to partner with Minc, an start-up incubator owned by the City of Malmö. Minc also run the award-winning accelerator Fast Track Malmö and the pre-incubator Startup Labs.

      Meet Our Experts 

      Meghan Young

      Engagement and Research Lead, AIE
      As research and engagement lead, Meghan has developed programs around speculative futures and accelerated innovation practices and principles. She is a practical futurist and applied innovator.