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CONNECTED DISTRIBUTION and fulfillment Networks

Driving speed and affordability with the fulfillment network of the future.

Meeting customers’ expectations for speed, convenience, and affordability across channels requires a reinvention of the supply chain and fulfilment channels as an intelligent, responsive, flexible network.

Activating and optimizing a fast, flexible distribution and fulfillment network requires organizations to deploy transformative tech (data, AI, and automation) at scale – and this can be supported by new models like local distribution and hyper-local fulfillment.

Building the consumer-centric intelligent supply and fulfillment networks of the future.

We recognize the supply chain as a strategic differentiator that can enhance the customer experience by enabling more choice, convenience, and customization.

We help organizations strengthen their supply chain digital maturity, infusing operations with data, analytics, and AI to enable more adaptability and flexibility within the supply chain through demand sensing, hyper-local fulfilment, and local suppliers.

We recognize the critical nature of last-mile delivery and work with organizations to ensure that they are leveraging their full range of existing assets, plus new resources like hyper-local fulfilment services, to enable effective and efficient fulfillment.

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    Transforming your merchandising and supply chain is a complex undertaking. Our Smart Retail Planner helps you do that with success.

    Transforming digital core for retail

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    Insights-driven merchandising

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    Cognitive control towers

    How consumer-products organizations can improve stability and resiliency through dynamic control-tower capabilities.