Your career path

From day one you’ll be encouraged to be bold, inquisitive and entrepreneurial. You’ll work in a team of supportive colleagues who will challenge your ideas – and will expect you to challenge theirs. Every opinion and idea counts here, and you’ll have a great environment to collaborate and grow your career.


It all starts before you join: to help you feel part of the team, we invite all our future team members to various events. Once you’re here, we will also assign you a ‘buddy’ to make your start as straightforward as possible.

On-going development

A mature, global consultancy framework will give your career structure and clarity, with competencies to master at every level up to Vice President. You’ll be guided through this by a specially-assigned ‘counselor’.

Performance reviews

360-degree feedback is an invaluable tool in your personal development – and it’s absolutely pivotal to our culture. Twice a year, we conduct full performance reviews, and throughout the year you can expect comprehensive feedback on both your performance and progress towards your personal career goals.

Learning and development

You’ll find a vast array of classroom, virtual learning and coaching to take advantage of. The impetus, of course, will come from you – your ambition, passion and curiosity.

Capgemini University

This is the hub for all learning within Capgemini Invent. Sometimes our learning is delivered remotely, through eLearning, virtual classrooms and local courses. Sometimes it happens on site, at our state-of-the-art learning centre in Les Fontaines, near Paris. Set in the beautiful grounds of an 18th Century château, the University brings people together from across the globe to stretch themselves, develop their skills and achieve their full potential. This is ‘next generation’ learning, wherever it takes place. Learning that is focused on sharing know-how, raising industry standards and further strengthening what makes Capgemini different.

Your career path

Working at Capgemini Invent will allow you to capitalize on your potential. We will support you in developing your passions and growing professionally. At each step in your career you will face new challenges and cultivate new skills and competencies. The learning never ends! Your own personal performance will be the driving force in your career. We will support your growth by providing ongoing training and mentoring, and giving you room to create your own professional projects. Read more information on the different steps on your career path below, introduced by our employees themselves.

The management consultant profession is one of the most rewarding I can imagine, with remarkable opportunities to develop and grow your skills and capabilities. Looking back on my career I am amazed how much I’ve been able to develop as a professional and as a person – and I am still very much learning, in every project, with every client, every day. As an Executive Vice President, I’m passionate about shaping my clients’ digital futures, orchestrating the right capabilities from our side to support them in the best possible way.
– Karl Bjurström, Executive Vice President
I work as an Account Executive for one of our largest retail clients. As Account Executive I’m responsible for securing long term relationship and that we grow our business with the client. This include business development, responding to RFPs, commercials, staffing of our projects, oversight of our delivery to the client and ensuring that we strengthen our relationships across the client organization and that we continuously work on expanding this network of contacts.
– Hanne van der Kam, Director
As a Senior Manager, I spend most of my time working on different projects – either in the role of a project manager or as a subject matter expert. I also work internally with business development – meaning that I help the company generate business by creating compelling offers and making sure that we have the right resources and skillsets to support our clients in these areas. In my case, I primarily work with business development in the digital manufacturing domain, closely connected both to engineering as well as the overall supply chain.
– Robin Sundqvist, Senior Manager
As a Manager, I most often have the role as the project lead. This implies that I am responsible for the overall project delivery, including project planning, coordination, progress, and follow-up. I also drive the business dialog towards our clients and provide advice and recommendations for future directions and next steps. I spend my days together with the team, which often includes members from both Capgemini Invent and the client. An important part of my role is to ensure that team members thrive and feel empowered and supported.
– Helena Giljam, Manager
What I like about my everyday role is the mix of project work and business development. Right now, I am part of a large transformation journey for a client. I am in a project team consisting of 50% Capgemini Invent consultants and 50% clients. We collaborate very closely, which is super fun since I love solving problems together with the client, and you get deeper insights into the customer’s organization and challenges. Besides my project, I am a part of our Insight Driven Enterprise team and actively driving business development within Intelligent Automation, AI and Machine Learning, areas that I think are very exciting!
– Tove Ekblom, Senior Consultant
As a Consultant, most of my time is spent on client deliveries, where I for instance prepare and facilitate meetings and workshops, and make sure that all project stakeholders are involved in the right way. Lately I have created an Excel model for my client to take well-informed business decisions. I also spend a part of my time developing our business internally, in my internal so-called Business & Analysis Group (BAG) roles.
– Patrik Mohlin, Consultant

Employee stories

Peter Alsterberg, Vice President, frog Customer First

“As a consultant, you are expected to understand and deliver on the big picture, as well as the nitty-gritty details, which always brings a stretch and continuous learning”

Filippa Regnér, Senior Manager, Intelligent Industry

“Projects are not always perfect, they can be tough and unclear, but in my mind, we at Capgemini Invent are always in for the challenge and make it happen”

Victor Aguilar, Manager, Enterprise Transformation

“It is very rewarding to use my experience to help others navigate their professional life”

Henri Jarrett, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Transformation

“Capgemini Invent is not just about generic management consulting. We have a strong core in it, but what differentiates us is how we combine it with leading expertise in digitalization. We always look a few steps ahead thinking about how companies can benefit from new trends.”

Emma Lindsö, Consultant, Enterprise Transformation

“I was struck by the fact that all the people I interacted with during the recruitment process felt competent and genuine”

Emil Eliasson, Consultant, Enterprise Transformation

“At Capgemini Invent, I have met some of the most ambitious people I will probably ever get the chance to meet. Yet, everyone is humble and helpful.”