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Data Labeling Services IPA
Intelligent business operations

Data Labeling Services

Deliver data at scale by leveraging frictionless end-to-end data labeling operations.

Leverage scalable, frictionless data preparation to drive accelerated development and implementation of AI solutions

Capgemini’s Data Labeling Services enable scalable, end-to-end data labeling operations that drive enhanced agility and business outcomes to your organization through:

  • Increased scalability
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased speed
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Reduced cost

Our experts

Vijay Bansal

Director – Global Head – Data Labeling Services, Capgemini Business Services
Vijay has extensive experience working in map production, geo-spatial data production, management, data labeling and annotation, and validation roles. In these positions, he aids machine learning and technical support initiatives for Sales teams, coordinates between clients, and leads project teams in a back-office capacity.

Marek Sowa

Data & AI for Enterprise Management leader
Marek Sowa is head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Offering & Innovation focused on adopting AI technologies into business services. He leverages the potential hidden in deep and machine learning to increase the speed, accuracy, and automation of processes. This helps clients to transform their business operations leveraging the combined power of AI and RPA to create working solutions that deliver real business value.