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Scaling Innovation: How to Reap the Benefit of Big Ideas

Why most innovations fail to scale and what to do about it

Everybody knows that in this new normal, it’s innovate or stagnate. And organizations across the board are hedging their bets on innovation to meet changing customer needs, improve operational performance, and build long-term value and growth. But although they are investing millions in R&D, innovation centers, start-up collaboration and external partnerships, few seem able to achieve scale, and thus sustained impact and value. One needs to look only at areas such as smart factories, artificial intelligence, agile, or automation to witness this gap.

Event takeaways:

  • The latest research findings from a survey of 40 industry executives from around the world and four eminent academics, conducted by the Capgemini Research Institute
  • The reasons why companies are still failing to scale their innovations, despite investments in generating and incubating new ideas
  • Insights to get ahead with focus on treating the achievement of scale as a specific and unique discipline; putting in the right innovation governance and building a culture that takes tough decisions on scaled innovations.

Watch the event replay here:

Watch the event highlights for a taste of what to expect!: 

Domhnaill Hernon, Vice President of Innovation & Creativity, Nokia Bell Labs

Domhnaill Hernon is an award-winning technology, innovation and creativity executive. Domhnaill received an undergrad in Aeronautical Engineering and a PhD in Aerodynamics from the University of Limerick and an executive MBA from Dublin City University, Ireland.  He previously led R&D organizations and developed and executed strategies to overcome the “innovation valley of death”. He is Head of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T) which is a new initiative he founded to fuse art and engineering/science to develop solutions that humanize technology. Domhnaill’s work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Times Square, SXSW, Nasdaq, MWC, Ars Electronica, TEDx, Inspirefest to name just a few and he advises innovation and cultural programs globally.

Professor John Bessant, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Exeter

Originally a chemical engineer, John Bessant has been active in the field of research and consultancy in technology and innovation management for over 40 years. He is Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter and has visiting appointments at the universities of Stavanger, Norway and Erlangen-Nuremburg, Germany. In 2003 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy of Management. He has acted as advisor to various national governments and international bodies including the United Nations, The World Bank and the OECD.

John Kao, Chairman, Institute for Large Scale Innovation

Dubbed “Mr. Creativity” and a “Serial Innovator” by The Economist, John is a thought leader, practitioner and activist, who has played a leading role in the fields of innovation and business creativity for over 35 years. He is a trusted advisor to leaders of companies, startups and nations who are on the hot seat to deliver meaningful innovation agendas. John’s unique perspective draws from an eclectic body of experiences: former Harvard Business School professor, entrepreneur, musician, author, expert facilitator, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and Tony-nominated producer of film and stage.

Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini

Lanny is responsible for Capgemini’s global applied innovation strategy, as well as its worldwide network of applied innovation centers. The centers provide a Group-wide capability to engage with internal and external ecosystems to help clients develop and deploy innovative solutions.

Priscilla Li, Head of Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini UK

Priscilla Li is a leader of our Applied Innovation Exchange in the UK.  Her purpose is to advance humanity.  Her team is diverse in gender, thought, discipline and experience.  Together, they shape ideas and breathe life into them through the application of emerging technologies with a human perspective.  Priscilla has held leadership roles in innovation and technology, advising and implementing innovative solutions across industries in Telecommunications, Transport, Public Sector and Media.  As a founding member of Artfinder, funded by Silicon Valley and UK Venture Capitalists, she delivered the first image recognition technology to discover, share and sell art. In 2012, she was selected by Business Weekly as one of the top Cambridge entrepreneurs and received the Chairman’s Award for excellence at American Airlines. In the Applied Innovation Exchange, she continues to bring to life the art of the possible, collaborating with start-ups, academia, and the wider community to unlock new opportunities for growth and meaningful transformation.  Grateful for her journey, she hopes to inspire people to be pioneers and be inspired herself, energised by the promise of tomorrow.


Andreas Sjostrom, AIE Director, Capgemini

Andreas leads the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Capgemini’s flagship innovation space. Experienced digital transformation advisor and author of numerous innovation papers and books.