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Customer first

How marketing technology can transform your customer experience

Discover how modern marketing technology (martech) can make navigating market challenges a breeze.

To create better experiences for both customers and employees, all marketing facets of an organization require access to the same data located at a central source.

The newest marketing tools are designed to work across multiple CX domains. However, surprisingly, many companies have yet to adopt this latest form of marketing technology. In fact, only 27% use technology to make the customer journey more relevant based on previous customer behavior or intent.[1] Why is that? The most likely answer is that their marketing departments operate in silos.

While different tools for capturing, analyzing, and using data will be needed across the marketing ecosystem, they should be viewed as part of a single holistic system from the outset, each with their own features and functionalities. Their integration must be built into the design of that system; otherwise, people will continue to work in silos. But there’s one more important element to consider: marketers need data-driven skills to connect the marketing ecosystem.

Download our point of view and learn how to achieve a connected marketing ecosystem with a central martech stack. This will allow employees to create relevant offers and messages that boost customer affinity and loyalty.

[1] Capgemini Research Institute: A new playbook for Chief Marketing Officers