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Intelligent industry

Engineering the Next

for automotive, aerospace and defense

How business models, operations, and culture should adapt to a constrained, collaborative, connected, and intelligent world.

In a world grappling with climate change, dwindling natural resources, and threats to biodiversity, we need to reimagine and reinvent engineered products that have a substantial impact on the environment.

In this Engineering the Next report, we’ve drawn upon the perspectives gathered through interviews with 30 prominent figures in the engineering industry. These experts have provided us with valuable insights into the global forces shaping the evolution of engineering and the necessary adaptations that companies deeply rooted in engineering must undertake to progress along this trajectory.

Engineering leaders, assemble…

Today, engineering plays a pivotal role in saving our planet. However, engineering must evolve to meet the demands of this new era. In this paper, we explore the thrilling prospect for engineering to contribute to a safer, more convenient world, ultimately addressing the paramount challenge of our era: avoiding devastating climate change and saving the world!

Rise of Generative AI

Organizations are naturally intrigued by the versatile applications of Generative AI, as they perceive its potential to accelerate growth, improve operations, and open doors to new opportunities.

Generative AI has gained significant consumer trust, with over 73% of individuals relying on content generated by artificial intelligence. This innovation poses new challenges and ethical considerations, particularly in safety-critical industries. Read our paper to find out how AI will play a pivotal role in driving prompt engineering, fine-tuning sustainable designs and much more.

The future of engineering

We are currently embarking on the path toward intelligent products, where integrated AI enhances safety, enabling data-driven decision-making and enriching user experiences. The Future of Engineering paper, developed with insights shared by global executives from the automotive, aerospace, and defence industries, brings perspectives on what the future of engineering could be.

If you haven’t already, come and join us in engineering the next for a sustainable world.