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A Guide to Utilizing the Cloud Maturity Model – Support for Developing Cloud Capability

Download a guide to the cloud maturity model and its role in agile cloud transformation

A company’s cloud transformation is not just a technical project, but to succeed, it requires the development of employees’ skills, management of the transformation, and refinement of the operations model.

Our experts working in cloud services have compiled a guide to the possibilities of utilizing the Cloud Maturity Model (CMM). With the help of this guide, you will understand why the CMM supports an organization’s transition to the cloud, how Finnish companies fit into the model, and what else should be taken into account when using the model. The CMM is a flexible and versatile tool to help place a company on the path to developing cloud maturity. 

Download the guide and read more about the following topics, among others:

  • What are the maturity levels and components of cloud readiness? 
  • What should be taken into account when utilizing the model? 
  • What are the benefits of using a maturity model? 
  • How can you set goals for increasing cloud maturity? 
  • Why is governance so crucial in cloud transformation?

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