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Outgrowing yourself

Learning and developmentAt Capgemini Invent, we believe that it is crucial for us as a team to support each and every one of our individual team members in their growth as effectively as possible. In these times of ever-accelerating change, we are convinced that helping all of our team members grow as fast as they want and in as many directions as they can is key, not only to their personal development but also for us as a team to stay ahead of the game.

Having been recognized as a leader in team development, we invest heavily in your development, encourage you to take full control of your career and offer you a variety of measures to support you in your individual growth. These range from leading-edge learning and development offers, international and internal mobility opportunities to fast-paced career progression paths  to do what you long for, Ace your own growth journey.

Bringing together the ideal mix of well-established fundamentals, cutting-edge market trends and deep dives into the specifics of fields that interest you as an individual, our learning and development offers are designed to support you in your personal and professional growth, helping you to continuously enhance your skill- and mindset and help you stay ahead of the game in digital transformation.

On-the-job training and mentoring

Considered one of the largest and most effective training portfolios in the world, our learning and development programs enable you to boost your skills and knowledge through a broad variety of formal training formats. Leveraging our strengths in digital transformation, our partnerships with leading institutions such as the MIT and our very own Capgemini University, our curriculum and training offers cover everything ranging from our core skills over deep expertise in digital transformation in all industries and in all its facets to key abilities in leadership, people management and business development.

Aiming for an optimal learning experience, we employ a variety of learning formats ranging from online learning offers, country-specific local workshops to sessions in our international training centers including Les Fontaines campus in France, The Institute in Germany and numerous other locations including the USA and India.

Capgemini Invent gives you the unique opportunity to broaden your mind, challenge your current ways of thinking and deep-dive into the world’s most exciting trends and topics. And on top of that, our global knowledge management tools and on-going training portfolio enable you to access the experience and expertise from your colleagues from all over the world.

Learning events

With multiple global and local learning events per year, we complement our learning and development programs – to enable our teams to engage in meaningful discussions around some of the world’s most pressing topics, deep-dive into the learning experience and share first-hand insights with colleagues from all over the world, making them a key part of our learning and development program.

Mobility: Boosting your growth by expanding your horizon

Operating in and collaborating across 16 countries and over 30 offices worldwide, we believe that international experience is of enormous importance for the individual growth of our team members. In close coordination with the respective local market developments and business needs as well as your individual career ambitions, we therefore encourage you to temporarily or permanently relocate to one or several of our international locations.

In addition to these opportunities for international mobility, we strongly support you in gaining experience in multiple functions and fields of business. Leveraging the strengths, size and multi disciplinarity of Capgemini Invent and the Capgemini Group, we thus encourage internal mobility into various practice units, industries and roles as well as across the whole Capgemini Group. A key component of any career within Capgemini Invent, these forms of mobility enable you to expand your individual horizon, strengthen your skill- and mindset and boost your growth in a unique way.



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