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Engagement Director, Finland



Data and AI

Hello, I’m Kirsi Parviainen and I am leading the Package Based Solutions Unit at Capgemini Finland. Packaged Based Solutions Unit consists of our SAP consultants and architects as well as our Insights & Data people.

My Capgemini story

I returned to Capgemini in the beginning of 2021. My previous employment with Capgemini lasted 17,5 years (!) which probably says everything about how much I have enjoyed working here. To my delight, I noticed that there are still a lot of old acquaintances in both colleagues and clients. I was also happy to see that Capgemini has managed to recruit a lot of new top professionals as the clientele has expanded.

Why did you return to Capgemini? 

At Capgemini, I have always had the opportunity to work in very different positions. To me, that is the strength of a large international employer. I have been very grateful for all the career opportunities that have been offered to me over the years by Capgemini.

The support of a global organization in the sales and delivery of SAP projects and services is also an absolute advantage. If a certain expert cannot be found in Finland, they will most definitely be found within the Group. Capgemini’s investment in new innovations in the SAP area is also significant and is channelled in the most important way – for the benefit of our customers!

Your typical day?

My typical workday is a mixture of people leadership, unit management, client engagement management and a variety of sales activities. Even though days are busy, the perfect mixture of interesting tasks keeps me motivated.

What’s cooking in the SAP Unit?

We have currently several exciting S/4HANA engagements and opportunities ongoing with our old and new clients. The S/4HANA market is getting hot and we are on it! Capgemini has taken a giant leap towards truly global work in recent years.

Every day, we get several requests from Finnish consultants to join global engagements. And it works the other way round, too, as we use our global resource pools to staff our projects for Finnish customers. The new normal after this pandemic will make it business-as-usual for global teams to work remotely on client engagements.

Our global SAP Center of Excellence is a great asset! It both provides us with very skilled SAP experts to work on sales cases, but also presents inspiring work opportunities to our consultants who want to work on presales. The Center of Excellence also provides training, for example weekly master classes on hot topics. Those are both inspirational but also good input for the client discussions.

Greetings to Capgemini alumni

I encourage any ex-Capgemini to consider rejoining as well as all the newcomers! Capgemini is still the same humane but global company, with strong local Finnish twist and with several new colleagues and clients as well as interesting opportunities to develop yourself.

Career Paths

Take the first steps in a bold new direction. A career at Capgemini offers you the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones. Develop your career in the direction you want to take it.

Bring your mastery and experience to a global business that values and celebrates its experts, and we will provide you with the opportunity to take the next meaningful step in your career journey.