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Network transformation

Smarter networks spark brighter innovation.

In a world where change is constant and complexity is ever increasing, every telco’s ability to innovate depends on the state of their network.

An intelligent, resilient and sustainable network is the common denominator across every successful transformation program, helping organizations reduce operational complexity, drive efficiency and lower energy consumption.

At Capgemini, we work with telcos to simplify and scale network transformation, accessing the incredible power of AI and advanced automation to cut costs and complexity while turbocharging innovation.

What we do

A dynamic world requires autonomous networks.

Autonomous networks are redefining the future of telecommunications.

By enabling networks to operate seamlessly without human intervention, Telcos can intuitively respond to increased demand, adapt to failures with corrective measures, and reconfigure when necessary, helping lower operational costs while improving performance.

We partner with Telcos to accelerate their journey to fully automated networks, leveraging advanced data-driven technologies and digital capabilities to build the maturity that unlocks the future.

A mobile telecoms revolution is underway in the cloud.

In the cloud transformation journey, virtualization is just the beginning.

For Telcos, cloud-native deployment of network functions can take virtualization’s benefits to the next level, dramatically improving network total cost of ownership and unlocking significant revenue opportunities.

Capgemini is a digital transformation partner that can help Telcos define and execute their cloud journey. We work with organizations to identify and overcome challenges related to culture, cost and compliance, helping them successfully navigate the next chapter in their digital future.

Smarter, more efficient Open RAN to drive innovation at scale.

Open RAN is the key to innovation. Virtualized and disaggregated radio networks allow Telcos to diversify the supply chain and support multi-vendor interoperability, automation, and virtualization, increasing flexibility and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Despite these advantages, O-RAN presents challenges in the evolution of network design, prompting many Telcos to consider how they should adapt their current architecture.

A pioneer in open networks, Capgemini helps Telcos design, develop, and integrate virtualized and disaggregated radio networks – also with customizable, standards-based, pre-built software frameworks to build maturity of disaggregated network functions and manage disaggregation.

Unlock new revenue streams by enabling new services

Network-as-a-Service is a way for operators to monetize their network through Telco Network Softwarization and Platformization, unlocking both valuable cost savings and operational efficiencies, as well as new revenue opportunities. Telco organizations can capitalize on new opportunities by operating their “pipe” as a “platform” such as:​

  • Enabling new revenue streams by exposing deep network insights through APIs for application developers
  • Enabling automated network slicing solutions to support end-to-end dynamic network slice management for enterprise consumption​
  • Support digital twins for AI powered RAN network simulation and planning​
  • Unlock Intelligent Industry use cases through 5G Connected Intelligent Edge​

Expert perspectives

Intelligent industry

Open RAN needs to automate – and fast

Arnab Das
May 20, 2022

Meet our experts

Shamik Mishra

VP, CTO Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering
Shamik Mishra is the Global CTO for connectivity, Capgemini Engineering. An experienced Technology and Innovation executive driving growth through technology innovation, strategy, roadmap, architecture, research, R&D in telecommunication & software domains. He has a rich experience in wireless, platform software and cloud computing domains, leading offer development & new product introduction for 5G, Edge Computing, Virtualisation, Intelligent network operations.

Arnab Das

Vice President of Advanced Connectivity (5G, EDGE Compute, O-RAN, IoT, Telco Engineering R&D) at Capgemini

Ramón Armada Arnau

Solutions and Pre-Sales director, Capgemini Engineering
Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid with several specialized certificates in the area of 5G Networks , Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks. He has been working for more than 20 years in projects for both telcos and Network Equipment providers. In the last 10 years he has been leading presales activities and solution teams providing new ways to solve problems through innovative products and services. All this has led him to become International Delivery Manager & Service Manager leading more than 40 projects for the main Telecommunications companies in Europe.

Dr. Ehsan Dadrasnia

VP at Global Telco Network Cloudification in Capgemini
Ehsan is an experienced technology leader with over two decades of expertise in telecommunication landscape, particularly in the realms of wire/wireless network and cloudification. His area of interests are deployment of Telco Cloud solutions including ORAN, 5G, hyperscalers, virtualization, autonomous and intelligent network operation. In his current role, Ehsan focuses on the cloud network transformation of CSPs, working closely with technology partners.