digital transformation

We help telcos make the most of the digital opportunity, so they can accelerate their transformation from communications service provider (CSP) to digital service provider (DSP).

Our digital transformation offer helps bring the future of the telco industry closer for:

• B2C operators – enabling the launch of new digital value proposals, with proven, game-changing speed to market
• B2B operators – rewiring and rebooting omnichannel customer experience and operational excellence, while giving the flexibility to adopt new business models and quickly launch new services
• Vertical industries – supporting opportunities to increase revenue and efficiency in a better-connected world

What we do

We help telco businesses bring new digital value propositions to the market.

We support telcos in designing 100% digital, market-facing products and services. We design business models and operations to support the launch of these digital products and services, as well as enabling new revenue streams. And we use a digital platform to integrate all products and services, as well as non-telco services, to create a connected experience that provides value to the customer.

We improve omnichannel customer experience and help transform communications services provider (CSP) into digital services providers (DSP).

We improve operational excellence for enterprise customers, and the omnichannel customer experience via an enterprise-wide transformation strategy. We support B2B telecoms operators as they take advantage of the opportunities of a constantly evolving market. And we design, enable and support significant reconfiguration of systems portfolios to include mobile, data, VPN, security services and cloud services – at a time when digital natives, such as Amazon and Twilio, are entering the B2B arena.

We capture the revenue and efficiency opportunities associated with the connected world.

We support vertical industries in making the most of revenue and efficiency opportunities in our digital present-day. We help you take advantage of new and emerging network functionalities to enable new services and re-invent the customer experience. And we establish owned 4G/5G capabilities to implement and manage the telecoms services required in the connected world.

Expert perspectives

Meet our experts

Carsten Rasmussen

Principal Consultant & Certified Chief Architect
Carsten is the leader of the telco consulting team and is a certified Chief Architect with a long track record in managing the architecture and business alignment in enterprise-wide digital transformation programs. His deep experience and ability to oversee the solution end-to-end reduces the risk and ensures the success of the programs.

René Damgaard

Director Industries & Financial Services
René Damgaard is an experiened director with more than 20 years of experience working in the financial information technology and services sector, and spearheads our engagements with some of our largest clients in Denmark. René is also a member of the Danish Senior Management Team and oversees the industries and financial services sectors.