Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform

Inject peak performance into your enterprise.

Take the brakes off change.

As intelligent automation revolutionizes business and IT processes in our customer-facing and back-office worlds, radical process efficiencies are just the beginning. Integrating intelligent automation across your enterprise is the catalyst for new ways of working, enhanced customer experiences, new revenue growth and more.

But, with insights from our Capgemini Research Institute showing just 16% of enterprises are deploying intelligent automation at scale, many organizations are struggling to embrace its transformational potential.

It’s time to take the brakes off change with Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform.

Welcome to your automation-first enterprise

Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform is driving rapid adoption and change – shifting the needle from limited value, isolated deployments to enterprise-wide, AI-infused automation at scale. Powered by cloud, this unique plug-and-play platform unifies and injects peak performance into your applications, IT and business operations.

Our technology-neutral architecture, together with a continually evolving portfolio of Capgemini and partner premium tools, eliminates lock-in and helps clients navigate the emerging field of intelligent automation technologies.

The platform is supported by a rich hub of configurable, pre-built, intelligent automation solutions, accelerators, use-cases and sector bots – combining RPA, ITPA and AI with deep corporate knowledge and continuous learning – to deliver powerful economies of scale in every deployment.

Crucially, unique central orchestration and real-time transparency eliminates risk and optimizes total cost of ownership across the platform tool-sets, reducing time to value so you can accelerate your digital transformation with confidence.

Guided by Capgemini’s unique Five Senses of Intelligent Automation methodology, our cloud-based, plug and play platform is supported by over 30,000 automation professionals, infusing innovative intelligent automation solutions across the full portfolio of Capgemini services, and into the heart of our clients’ applications, and business and IT operations.

Get ready to inject peak performance into your enterprise today.

Why choose Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform?

The platform is mature and proven. It is informed by our experience driving intelligent automation transformation programmes for over 600 clients globally, and is supported by more than 30,000 automation professionals and experts – all with an automation-first mindset. Plus, it’s live – with active North American and EMEA instances delivering real-world business outcomes today.

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Featured Testimonials

Francesco Quinterno, Chief Technology Officer, CONA Services

Capgemini has been a key partner for Coke One in transforming our operations through intelligent automation. These efforts are providing increased operational efficiencies in an agile, secure and scalable manner. Capgemini’s cloud based intelligent automation platform has led to significant improvements in the stability of our operations. For example, the automated alerting system has allowed the team to effectively resolve issues before any bottler impact occurs.

Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group

All-in-one Intelligent Automation (IA) platforms and their availability on the cloud are bringing new opportunities to the automation market. They are helping enterprises automate any type of process, whether it handles structured or unstructured data, in business departments or in IT. The evolution of IA is happening at a time when technology complexity has become a prime concern for enterprises. An all-in-one IA platform on the cloud could go some way towards addressing this concern.

Unified plug-and-play enterprise-wide solution that drives business and IT excellence across your value chain. Injecting peak performance into, and seamlessly across your:

Applications Portfolio

  • Faster application time-to-market
  • Ease of application maintenance
  • Improved performance and uptime
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced ticket volumes

IT Operations

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced support cost
  • Predictive services
  • Reduced downtime & disruption
  • Compliant & secure operations

Business Operations

  • Improved user experience
  • Impact on business KPIs
  • Reliable and consistent service
  • Higher revenue & lower cost
  • Enhanced visibility & governance


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