Remote Working


This hashtag, currently trending in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, also symbolizes the normalization of new ways of working. A new era in which organizations must prepare for the unexpected and adapt their traditional ways of working with speed and agility.

Crises take many different shapes, but they’re often, by definition, unexpected. You need to react quickly to preserve your employees’ safety and job security. You have to adopt flexible and agile ways of working in order to secure business continuity. And you must be ready to ride the next wave.

In exceptional times, organizations experience extreme disruption and uncertainty, demanding decisive action across three critical dimensions:


  • Fine tune leadership skills for remote working
  • Ensure team motivation and engagement in a remote environment


  • Run projects and workshops remotely
  • Orchestrate a remote creative design approach


  • Select and deploy the right tools for secure remote working
  • Embed cybersecurity and security by design

To achieve such a decisive response in an uncertain world, your organization must embrace the technology and the new ways of working that will enable it to anticipate, react, and sustainably respond to any crisis.

You may have installed the right tools, have access to your files and have calls scheduled in your calendar, but that’s a long way from replicating your unique company culture at home.

The key lies in the expertise of your team leaders and the experience they enable. In the creation of an engaging, interactive, and inspiring digital environment for your team to come together and solve problems, wherever they are.

PEOPLE: Helping you nurture remote working skills and culture

Getting the technology right to enable remote working is one thing. Remotely maintaining and growing the company culture you worked so hard to cultivate is quite another. The key lies in, literally, bringing the company values home. We’ll use our expertise to help you build and virtual competencies to ensure effective teamwork, a sense of belonging and true commitment to the organization.

What practical help can we offer?

  • Distance leadership and communications strategies for effective remote working.
  • Community building and engagement initiatives to sustain company culture and encourage online and offline collaboration.
  • Virtual training with companywide reach to share best practices of remote and new ways of working.

What can you expect?

  • Effective leaders who virtually guide and empower each team member with:
    • Virtual leadership skills to manage emotional responses and drive actions, ensuring business continuity
    • Emotional intelligence skills that impact positively on team performance
  • An empathetic culture that ensures personal well-being, reducing staff turnover and occupational stress
  • A productive workforce that’s connected and savvy in remote working
  • A sense of community that connects individuals on a work and personal level

PERFORMANCE: Unleashing team collaboration and creativity at home

We’ll help you create an aligned, engaged and skilled workforce that maintains team creativity, efficiency and productivity. First, we’ll ensure that program and business leaders understand how to adapt to remote working conditions, to maintain productivity. At the same time, we’ll help you to establish virtual collaboration enablement programs for teams and leaders. And we’ll use our experience to help create an engaging, interactive, and inspiring digital environment where your team can come together, share great ideas and solve problems.

What practical help can we offer?

  • Remote working experience defined via remote workshops to energize teams
  • Design thinking democratized to enable your people to create from home using familiar tools and methods
  • Virtual productivity optimized through virtual skills training, leveraged via knowledge sharing platforms

What can you expect?

  • Productivity and innovation maintained at the core, securing business continuity, while championing remote working
  • A productive workforce that is engaged, creative and savvy in virtual collaboration, skilled in using digital tools for remote working
  • A ‘create from home’ mindset established across the organization

 TECHNOLOGY: Be resilient with Digital Workplace

We’ll leverage our ‘new ways of working’ task force, structured around Digital Workplace, Cybersecurity and Industry Expertise. We’ll act quickly, working to protect your workplace, ensuring it can be accessed securely anywhere, anytime and from any device.

 What practical help can we offer?

  • Best practice and communications tools, ready to use for crisis management and recovery acceleration
  • Techno vision on easy-to-implement solutions for remote working
  • Dedicated Capgemini ‘task force’ operating model that mixes technical, consulting and innovation technologies
  • Sustainable approach to ignite deeper transformation via Digital Workplace
  • Change management plan to boost adoption of new, collaborative solutions

 What can you expect?

  • Accelerated campaign for Digital Workplace adoption in 72 hours
  • All employees able to work remotely and securely
  • Productivity and business continuity ensured

Making home working work

We’ll use our proven expertise to optimize your remote working capability through every crisis. We’ll help you build resilient virtual organizations. We’ll share best practices that enable you to set up crisis management mechanisms. And we’ll help ensure the continuity of your business in the face of current and future challenges.

Now’s the time to become a resilient, remote working organization.


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