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Unlocking facial recognition technology in healthcare

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that mobile technology is now indispensable for the continuity of civilization.

Organizations now correctly offer consumers access to their products and services via mobile applications. But they have yet to incorporate one solution increasingly utilized by mobile devices: Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). Now, more and more sectors are beginning to follow forward-thinking financial services and embracing the many emerging advantages of FRT.

Unlocking facial recognition technology in healthcare

To keep our clients ahead of the curve, Capgemini Invent experts have put together a comprehensive overview of FRT’s many applications, the implementation challenges organizations will face, and the revolutionary outcomes for both healthcare patients and practitioners.

The benefits of FRT in Healthcare

This burgeoning field of technology is revealing new applications every day. But today, facial recognition technology is already responsible for improved healthcare outcomes for both patients and practitioners. Some of the most notable applications include:

Facial Recognition Technology in HealthcareFacial Recognition Technology in HealthcareFacial Recognition Technology in HealthcareFacial Recognition Technology in Healthcare
Improved practitioner-patient relationshipIncreased identity theft preventionEnhanced security for databases and medical recordsAdvanced detection of facial symptoms

Unlocking Facial Recognition Technology in Healthcare

Facial recognition technology (FRT) is about to outperform other biometric modalities and accurately unmask deepfakes. This technology acts as a quick and efficient verification system, matching the face recognized in a still or video frame with a human face on a database…

facial recognition technology in healthcare

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