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Digital therapeutics in oncology

Advancing Outcomes Design and Innovation Models

We recently entered the era of telemedicine. But so far, we have only explored such solutions as remote consultation.

That is about to change. Now, new powerful tools help us diagnose and fight serious diseases: Digital Therapeutics (DTx). These remarkable new solutions are set to revolutionize healthcare. And nowhere is the impact of DTx being felt more resonantly than in the field of oncology. That’s why we have created a two-part report exploring outcomes design and innovation models.

Digital Therapeutics in Oncology
Application Areas of DTx In Oncology

Thought Leadership

Digital Therapeutics in Oncology (PART ONE): Advancing Outcomes Design

The digital health market is flooded with direct-to-consumer health and wellness applications. Digital health is a broad category that includes digital therapeutics (DTx)…

Digital therapeutics in oncology

With DTx in oncology showing great promise, we have outlined the current state of development, emerging applications, future trends, and strategies. In Part 1: Advancing Outcomes Design, we take a look at these new treatments from the clinical perspective. Our experts conducted a trend analysis of 12 marketed DTx solutions in oncology to understand its application areas or use cases. We also identified the four factors driving DTx in oncology: the complexity of the patient journey, the shift to remote treatment, personalized care, and holistic care.

In Part 2: Innovation Models, we take a deep dive into the evaluation criteria for Digital Therapeutics in Oncology. Our experts explore business questions that can stimulate innovation discovery and implementation. New revenue streams are on the horizon, primed to transform the sector for years to come.

Digital therapeutics in oncology

DTX in Oncology: Innovation Models

Register to download part two of the report and experience the fastest-growing segment of health tech – digital therapeutics.

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Camille Madelon

Vice President Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent
Passionate about transforming healthcare – leveraging strong experience in digital health, innovation and consulting. More than 20 years experience in Consulting, start-up creation and innovation.

Geoff McCleary

Vice President, Global Connected Health Lead, Capgemini

Sameera Singh

Manager, Life Sciences atCapgemini Invent India
Sameera is currently employed at Capgemini Invent and is providing consulting services to the world’s biggest Pharma company. A passionate, committed and enthusiastic professional with more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, Sameera is known for delivering excellence across all her engagements.

Poonam Shirke

Director Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent

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Head of Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent India
Suday is a Life Sciences professional with over 20 years of experience in strategy, consulting, business development and marketing research with knowledge of Indian and global markets.

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