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Financial services

Cloud-native credit decision systems in banking and cards

Financial services companies that implement cloud-native solutions can tap into a growing universe of data, accelerating new product launches and optimizing pricing strategies.

Many financial services institutions are making the move to the cloud for increased flexibility and the ability to rapidly bring new products to market. How they move their applications and data to the cloud can have a significant impact on whether they achieve their expected business results. Simply lifting and shifting from an on-premises solution has drawbacks and the results can fall short of expected business results.

A cloud-native solution replaces the traditional structured database with a hybrid, semi-structured database that simplifies the architecture and dramatically reduces the time required to incorporate new data sources. Cloud-native solutions maximize the use of AI and machine learning enabling increased agility with database-driven insights and reducing the risk in offering auto loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

Read our latest POV on cloud-native credit decision systems for banking and cards to see how you can take your critical decision systems to the next level, yielding substantially higher levels of agility, depth, and speed needed to compete successfully for customers.