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Navigating the Ever-Evolving Frontier of Cybersecurity

Pascal Brier
Nov 6, 2023

The pursuit of unbreakable encryption has been a part of our history for millennia.

Did you know that Caesar himself is sometimes attributed with creating his own encryption code, which relied simply on shifting letters placed three spots up in the alphabet (an A for a D, a B for an E)?

Encryption has come a long way since then, and now relies on astonishingly complex mathematical algorithms. And yet, in the soon-to-be quantum computing age, some fear that unbreakable encryption becomes a pipe dream.

From their raw computing power alone, quantum algorithms have the potential to unravel encryption techniques that have long been our security backbone, like RSA. While the tech community is actively developing quantum-resistant solutions, the rapid advancements in quantum computing mean that we’re always trying to stay one step ahead. It’s a fascinating time for cybersecurity, and it underscores the importance of continuous innovation in the encryption space.

I found this article from the MIT to be very insightful on the ‘’quest for unbreakable encryption’’. If you are interested in crypto evolution throughout history, as well as the implications of post-quantum cryptography.

Meet the author

Pascal Brier

Group Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini
Pascal Brier was appointed Group Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee on January 1st, 2021. Pascal oversees Technology, Innovation and Ventures for the Group in this position. Pascal holds a Masters degree from EDHEC and was voted “EDHEC of the Year” in 2017.