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Accelerating business transformation with our AWS Generative AI Competency

Genevieve Chamard
11 Mar 2024

I am proud to announce our achievement of the AWS Generative AI Competency. This accomplishment marks a pivotal milestone on our decade-long journey with AWS.

Notably, we recently announced the signing of a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement with AWS, designed to accelerate the adoption of generative AI solutions and technologies amongst organizations of all sizes.

Alongside AWS, at the heart of our generative AI journey is the determination to help clients realize the full value of GenAI at scale, transforming their businesses to stay focused on a digital and sustainable economy. By leveraging Capgemini’s existing network of AWS Centers of Excellence, we can help clients realize value at speed, by accelerating the deployment of innovative industry-specific and functional use cases. These use cases are made possible by the AWS technologies of Amazon Bedrock to access a range of secure, high-performing Foundation [MC1] Models, including Amazon Titan.

What distinguishes Capgemini in the field of Generative AI?

In our recent Capgemini Research Institute report ‘Harnessing the value of Generative AI’,  74% of executives agreed the overall benefits of generative AI outweigh the associated risks. Our report guides organizations to focus on the following key areas to accelerate their generative AI journeys amid a rapidly evolving application landscape:

  • Integrate genAI into the organization’s strategy and operations
  • Drive a human-centered approach to scaling genAI
  • Focus on sustainable development
  • Build trust and responsibility in the AI systems
  • Establish guidelines around usage

Our expertise in building the foundations for generative AI across all these key areas, empowers us to push boundaries for you, tackling even the most complex AI challenges. With an ongoing commitment to excellence through our AWS Centers of Excellence, we have a consistent measure of the latest training resources on AWS, the highest number of Generative AI badges, and a 10-year strong partnership enabling us to seamlessly work end-to-end as an integrated team. It means we can help organizations across all industries, achieve the best possible outcome.

The unique advantages of AWS Generative AI

AWS is renowned for its robust cloud technologies, setting a high bar for innovation and performance in the technology landscape. But what sets AWS Generative AI technologies specifically apart from the competition is their unparalleled scalability, security, and flexibility.

AWS provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services that empower developers to build, train, and deploy machine learning models more efficiently than ever before. AWS Generative AI technologies stand out particularly in the areas of:

  • Extensive service suite: AWS offers a wide range of AI services, including Amazon SageMaker for building, training, and deploying machine learning models at scale, and AWS Lambda for running code without provisioning or managing servers, facilitating rapid deployment of AI applications.
  • Unparalleled scalability and reliability: AWS’s infrastructure supports scalable AI applications, making it suitable for projects ranging from small-scale experiments to large-scale enterprise deployments.
  • Customization at its core: AWS has been expanding its generative AI offerings, providing tools and services that allow for the easy integration of generative AI functionalities into applications, emphasizing customization and control.

Step into the future of AI with our proven expertise, and the leading technology of AWS

Together, we can help you explore how to:

  • Integrate GenAI seamlessly into your operations. Streamline processes and personalize experiences.
  • Drive sustainable innovation. Develop responsible, ethical AI solutions that can benefit both your business and the environment.
  • Scale your AI journey with confidence. Leverage our industry-leading expertise and reputation. Find out more about our journey with AWS.

I invite you to connect with me today to explore the full potential of Generative AI.


Genevieve Chamard

Global AWS Partnership Executive
An expert in partnership strategy at a global level with 13 years of innovation and strategy consulting. Teaming up with partners and startups, I translate the latest, bleeding-edge technologies into solutions that create new captivating customer experiences, intelligent operations and automated processes. I specialize in: – Global partnership strategy and management – Go-to-market and growth strategy – Industry vertical solution build – Pilot definition and management – Emerging technology and start-up curation