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Junior Salesforce Architect


Experienced professionals


Software engineering

Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

I’m working as a Tech Lead in the Salesforce Practice in Switzerland. My role involves primarily design, architecting and implementing Salesforce technical solutions for our clients.
Such solutions include gathering and understanding the clients need, produce technical requirements, tailoring the solutions according to the best practices in the Salesforce ecosystem and deliver a quality scalable solution.
I have a lot of passion for coding and software engineering and I’m very happy to have the possibility to build or enhance solutions that help optimizing the work of our clients; I also believe that nothing is impossible (or almost :) ).

What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?

I like working in Capgemini because there’s the possibility for the experienced professionals to take ownership of their own ideas and realize them.
Capgemini says get the future you want, then let’s not be afraid of shaping and getting the future we believe.
I like the Capgemini’s core values as I find them very in line with parts of my character.
Being part of a great community gives the possibility to exchange knowledge with a lot of people and keep up with learning, also on topics which are far from your field expertise.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

I like being part of a team of experts that impact the way companies work and all together creating more value. I’m proud of all the sustainability and diversity projects and initiatives that the Company is taking.
I like the interaction with the people in this company and the diversity and inclusion we believe in.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini Switzerland?

Don’t be scared to make mistakes, ask when in doubt and be always transparent. Embrace the group values and connect with people.