Rising to challenges – and challenging stereotypes

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Stepping up takes confidence and curiosity. I have worked my way up from the first rung on the career ladder in a helpdesk environment to my current role of Service Management and Service Integration Lead within Cloud Infrastructure Services.

One of my most memorable moments came within six months of joining Capgemini, when I was given the “Extra Mile” award by our customer for my contribution to process improvement. At the same time, I was recognized as a high-potential performer, and was appointed to a spear-heading team working on multiple initiatives. It was the perfect start to my career at Capgemini.

I’ve now been selected for the Outstanding Women in Leadership (OWL) program, which makes me feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet.

Put problem solving into action

Nothing is more exhilarating to me than learning from the various people I come across at work or through initiatives such as OWL. I love to learn, and inquisitiveness is my primary instinct. Maybe that’s why I found my natural home in problem management. It’s a skill I put to good use at home too. One of the accomplishments I am most proud of in my personal life is moving from Bangalore to Mumbai for work. I did everything from apartment hunting to selecting curtains on my own, and still managed to get work every day. I gave myself a figurative pat on the back when it was all completed.

Try new things

I love to experiment too. At work, I’m particularly keen to try new things with my leadership style. The OWL program is giving me this opportunity, enabling me to experiment with leadership styles to see what suits me best. At home, I devote my weekends to experimenting in my kitchen, trying out different cuisines from near and far. One thing I would love to learn more about is the art of cocktail making. It’s something that I’m oddly fascinated by – maybe it could be my retirement plan?

Prepare for tough decisions

I’ve always been confident and keen to take the initiative in any situation. It comes naturally to me. Nevertheless, I always find it tough when I have to make a decision about changing roles. I find myself at a crossroads; deciding whether to move teams or roles never comes easily to me.

I would love to work in different countries, away from my comfort zone and the places I know. The decision may be a tough one to make, but I’m keen to explore and push myself beyond my boundaries. I think it would be fascinating to get to know and live with people from other cultures, to learn what they offer, and to share my culture and knowledge with them.

Challenge stereotypes

It’s a privilege to be part of the OWL program, working alongside so many inspirational women. They are proof that the stereotypes about career-orientated women are completely untrue. These stereotypes persist in some quarters, and I’m always keen to challenge them. At the same time, I’d like to see women being more confident in their own abilities, and to stop underestimating themselves.

Explore your limits

Capgemini has given me incredible opportunities to explore my limits and helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I am associated with one of our biggest clients in Northern Europe, and I’m so glad that I am recognized for my work and contribution in problem management – not only within the account, but across service lines and customer circles. What more could I ask for?

Explore opportunities with Capgemini and you too can Ace your Career! 

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