Automotive & Mobility in Belgium: what’s on your agenda?

The automotive and mobility landscape in Belgium is at an inflection point. While popular attention is still focused on the car itself and its regulation, the entire mobility ecosystem is going through a transformation, bringing about a collision between fast movers and traditional actors.

What are the real-life insights from the Belgian leaders who are shaping this market?

Capgemini Invent surveyed public regulators, automotive manufacturers, importers and large car dealer groups, financial services providers and innovative mobility solutions entrepreneurs. The outcomes, drawing on the views of industry experts and observations from Capgemini’s consulting experience, provide insights into the challenges, opportunities and enablers that will bring-forth the solutions needed.

Findings in brief:

  • 90% of our interviewees are convinced that the car will remain an integral part of a future where multi-modal and integrated mobility solutions are the new status quo.
  • Experts agree on challenges such as evolving consumer needs, pollution, congestion and regulation. But because of diverging priorities and strategies, the Belgian market remains heavily fragmented.
  • There is an urge for a profound revolution in the governance of the wider mobility ecosystem. Regulation must be pro-active, flexible and based on incentives and consensus.
  • 80% of the innovative mobility solutions providers interviewed struggle to make money and 75% of the leasing companies mentioned that the end product which they offer will also be a digital service. New forms of partnerships and co-investments must be explored to enable healthy business models.

Data Strategies must be explored, and new talent pools need to be developed locally:

  • 70% of companies surveyed admit that they do not master their data.
  • 80% of respondents have difficulty recruiting the right profiles.

Regardless of their capabilities, customer-centricity is key to remain relevant in a world of changing consumer preferences:

  • Incumbent and challenger mobility actors have uneven digital maturity levels.
  • 75% of the smart mobility companies interviewed mentioned that the challenge is more about educating the customers rather than competing with peers.
  • Challengers must capture the essence of local dynamics. Belgium-specific characteristics such as intense conurbation and cultural mix, are powerful levers to test new ideas and offerings.

This report provides pointers to help the industry have a holistic understanding of the market dynamics, and to take more informed decisions for the needed changes.

For more information, please contact:

Guillaume Roudil
Head of MALS at Capgemini Invent BeLux
Mob : + 32 492 13 21 12
Carlos de Moura
Head of Automotive at Capgemini Invent BeLux
Mob. : +32 490 58 45 16

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