Data-Driven R&D for Consumer Products

How Consumer Product organizations can transform the R&D function from a cost center to a growth engine

The success of Consumer Product (CP) companies has always been based on a relatively simple formula: delivering the right product at the right time. Over time, that model has become increasingly hard to achieve due to market complexity, increased competition and rapidly changing consumer preferences.

For many CP organizations, it has become impossible to deliver the right products at the right time if they are relying on traditional R&D processes and systems.

Data-Driven R&D for Consumer Products is a new offer from Capgemini that helps Consumer Product brands dramatically improve the scope, integration, speed and success of their R&D function—transforming R&D from a cost center to a value driver.

Transform R&D to deliver the right product at the right time. Learn more

Data-Driven R&D for Consumer Products offers Consumer Product organizations three distinct tracks based on where they are in their current transformation journey.

Which track is right for your organization? Take our assessment to gauge your organization’s digital maturity and determine where you should start your R&D transformation journey.

The Capgemini difference

Data-Driven R&D for Consumer Products brings together all the elements needed to accelerate digital transformation in R&D, helping organizations unleash a culture of continuous, multifaceted innovation.

Read our Point of View to learn what sets us apart.

Pioneering Intelligent Industry with Capgemini

Data-Driven R&D for CP is the latest offer within Intelligent Industry—Capgemini’s cross-industry application of new technologies and supplemental services to help our clients foster innovation through new and differentiated smart products, supply chain optimization and an enhanced customer experience.

Following our integration with Altran, Capgemini is the only global firm with both the depth of product engineering and breadth of specialist capability to master complex data and deploy novel AI solutions and technologies at scale.

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