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World Clean Up Day 2022: Capgemini Belgium participates for a noble cause!

26 Sep 2022

Sustainability is one of the top priorities for Capgemini and the goal is to go net zero by 2040. Keeping in mind the group priorities and the need to create awareness regarding a sustainable future, twenty colleagues from Capgemini Belgium participated in a cleaning drive on World Clean Up Day 2022.

World Clean Up Day is an annual event bringing together over 191 countries together to promote a cleaner and healthier planet. Focusing on the three key principles of cooperation, positivity, and leadership, the event brings millions of people connected to the cause and aid in building a sustainable world.

This year, twenty colleagues from Capgemini Belgium across Brussels (Schaerbeek), Antwerp, and Etterbeek commune came together to participate in this noble cause. Despite the rough weather, our enthusiastic and energetic volunteers came together for the event.

Together, their efforts can be summarized below:

  • 4 streets and 2 parks cleaned
  • 13 garbage bags filled
  • 130 KG of waste collected
  • 3 hours of sweat and tears dedicated to a great cause
  • 3 short rain showers
  • 20 happy cleaners

The motivated team of volunteers and their families collected litter and waste from beaches, rivers, and forests as a part of the initiative.

This is the third edition of the World Clean Up Day where our colleagues have come together and supported the cause. Volunteers who have previously participated in the clean-up drive, and the current organizers from the Young Talent Community aim to create more awareness for the 2023 edition of the event by spreading the word across social media, different units and communities.

Annlore Defossez, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Capgemini Belgium shares her thoughts:

For those of you who missed this edition of the World Clean Up Day, keep an eye out as there are several more activities planned in the near future. Capgemini Belgium is committed to the cause of sustainability and will be organizing a drive soon.

Read more about World Clean Up Day here.