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Making Capgemini more inclusive

29 Apr 2021

Diversity is one of the 3 pillars of CSR at Capgemini. An equal opportunities environment in the work place can self promote and enhance ambitions, and can vastly increase productivity and positivity through the organization. Capgemini is committed to gender diversity, and managing diversity is not an option – it is a business imperative to enable sustainable growth in the new socio-economic order. To know more about Gender Diversity at Capgemini Belgium, lets talk to Olivier Vandekerkhove, who’s the gender diversity SPOC for Belgium.

Hello Olivier! Great to get into this conversation with you. Tell us about your role as the gender diversity SPOC for Belgium.

Olivier: Hi, I’m Olivier Vandekerkhove and I’ve been working with Capgemini for over a decade. I’ve been the gender diversity SPOC for Belgium for over the last two years. It has been an exciting journey and I’ve been very enthusiastic in playing this role!

Tell us a bit more about how Capgemini Belgium is focused on gender diversity

Olivier: Gender diversity is one of the top priorities atCapgemini Belgium across multiple facets of the organisation such as HR, Sales, and Delivery. Ensuring equal opportunity to all employees irrespective of their gender, race, religion or ethnicity is our prime objective.

Why do you think it is important to have a gender balance in an organization like Capgemini?

Olivier: Well,first of all, we truly believe in gender equality and the advantages it brings. Societies where men and women are equal are safer, healthier, and more prosperous. Same applies to organizations with a healthy gender balance as they have a more cohesive and productive workforce. On top of that, gender balance within the organization brings varied perspectives and approaches leading to better decision making.

What according to you is the most effective way to help promote gender diversity in a workplace?

Olivier: Well, it all starts from a true belief within the management team that, like our management team, not only promotes gender diversity, but also helps realize it on a daily basis within the organization.

What initiatives have we taken in Belgium to encourage gender diversity?

Olivier: There is a strong focus on not only recruiting more women, but also giving them the opportunity to grow within the organization. Efforts are also being made to reduce or remove the typical hurdles that may occur, which means that we pay particular attention to the evaluation and remuneration process to ensure equal and fair treatment of women and men.

How can we improve the representation of women in Capgemini Belgium?

Olivier: It starts at the top. Our management is well balanced, and that has a positive effect on the entire organization in the way we do business. However, it does not stop there. There is still room for female talents in key positions at the middle management level. We need to leverage these opportunities to promote gender diversity.

On the personal front, what inspires you to keep working on gender diversity?

Olivier: I engaged myself in this domain as I sincerely believe that diversity is not only the key to our organizational  prosperity, but also benefits the society as a whole by striking the perfect gender balance.

This year’s IWD theme is #ChooseToChallenge. How/what would you choose to challenge for gender diversity and equity?

Olivier: On IWD this year, I pledged to engage in challenging gender equity to promote diversity.

A message that you would like to share with the women in Capgemini

Olivier: I would strongly encourage all women at Capgemini to contribute to discussions, and it is important as a woman to take up new opportunities and responsibilities within the organization to be the role model to inspire others!

Thank you Olivier! That was indeed an interesting conversation for our readers to know about how Belgium is focusing on, and promoting gender diversity. 

To know more about gender diversity at Capgemini Belgium, write to Olivier Vandekerkhove