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Capgemini project wins eGov award

14 Dec 2018

Capgemini Belgium was appreciated by the National Geographic Institute (NGI) for delivering the GEONAVOTOOL. We not only delivered this tool on time, but also aligned to the demanding expectations of all the different emergency services.

To improve cooperation between different emergency services during a political event, NGI and Crisis Center Interior Affairs expressed their need to set up a pilot project – to deliver a GIS (Geographical Information System) that can be used by Police, Firemen, Public Health, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Cricis Center, and NATO during the NATO summit of July 2018. The solution was named GEONAVOTOOL. Capgemini was requested to provide a resource for the overall project management of the creation of GEONAVOTOOL.

The project was driven the ‘Agile’ way. A GEONAVOTOOL-build was provided in the early stage of the project, so the emergency services could still adapt their needs. In the months to follow, the needs of the emergency services were refined by applying sprint-iterations, in which an updated GEONAVOTOOL was provided. In this way a final solution was created that was supported by every emergency service.

Capgemini won the deal for its inclusive knowledge about modern project methodologies and frameworks.

Every emergency service had its specific need for the GEONAVOTOOL, and Capgemini was successful in achieving a common ground to deliver this successful assignment. Taking into account that there were many stakeholders (not only police, firemen, public health, defence, foreign affairs, and NATO, but also Interior Affairs Crisis Center and NGI), one can truly say that success was achieved in collaboration.

The NGI has thanked Capgemini Belgium for the collaboration, support, partnership, and commitment that we showed during the implementation of the project.

The solution was used during the NATO summit in July and the ASEM summit in October, both in Brussels, and has won the famous Agoria e-GOV award for collaboration in December.