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Data, meet impact.

From thought leadership to strategy to implementation – we create impact from start to finish

How do you derive maximum value from data? Are you using AI to create impact with deeper insights? Do you have a strategy for sharing your data and building collaborative data ecosystems?

Success with data will be built on surprising connections. Between governments, citizens, and private sector organizations. Between sectoral data spaces. Between innovators, major tech players, and implementation partners.

At Capgemini, we help our clients make those connections. And we’re the only partner in the data ecosystem able to support public and private sector entities across their entire data value chains.

Building value on the end-to-end data journey

  • Thought leadership – we’re influencing global conversations and driving new thinking around data sharing models
  • Strategy and methodology – we help clients develop their data strategies and bring their data visions to life
  • Implementation and scale – we build data platforms, shape marketplaces, and implement scaled solutions for a global data economy

Creating impact together

Are you ready to make surprising connections? From data and AI to collaborative ecosystems and data spaces, we have the expertise and connections you need to make your data work harder and smarter for greater impact.

Join us at the Data spaces symposium at Darmstadtium, Frankfurt from 12-14 March

Meet with our data industry experts and hear from our leading clients as they take to the stage to explore their experiences. Join us in Frankfurt and let’s make an impact together!

  • Day 2 at 13:45 – Peter Kraemer: Session on how companies can “adopt” data spaces, with consultancies and analysts supporting the business strategies and operations of data spaces.
  •  Day 3 at 10:15 – Learnings from the Digital Europe Programme’s data space projects: Mirthe Boerdijk for DSSC and Eline Lincklaen Arriëns for Simpl
  • Day 3 at 13:15 – Simpl Open joins the common European data spaces family: Eline Lincklaen Arriëns
  • Day 3 at 16:00 – The data spaces join Simpl panel: Daniel Gonzalez
  • Day 3 at 16:00 – Assessing the maturity of a data space: Mirthe Boerdijk

Meet our expert

Peter Kraemer

Director Data Sovereignty Solutions, Capgemini
“A European data economy based on openness, fairness and transparency is possible, and we are determined to help make it a reality. In a flourishing data economy, all sectors will have new ways to generate value. Sovereignty means making independent and well-informed decisions about our digital interactions: where data is stored, how it is processed, and who can access it. Data spaces make these principles concrete, and we are committed to helping them grow.”