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Client story

Guest Engagement and Marketing Analytics

Providing an insights concierge for end to end data and analytics services.

Client challenges: The global cafe and retailer was challenged with yearly growth in samestore sales. In the past, the opening of new stores and the introduction of new product lines fueled overall top-line growth, but as certain geographies become saturated and revenue cannibalization became an issue, the company sought innovative ways to grow incremental revenues.

The company faced a data overload problem. Analyzing increasing volumes of data from disparate data sources was challenging (taking 7-10 days turnaround for analysis). This resulted in generic, under-optimized campaigns and missed revenue opportunities. With limited analytics resources, they also faced backlogs and delays that prevented speed to insight. Lastly, a lack of proper measurement framework led to sub-optimal ROMI.

Solution: Working with Capgemini Invent, the retailer produced an Insights concierge providing end-to-end data and analytics services to guide marketing strategy and maximize ROI, resulting in an array of demonstrable business benefits.

The concierge allowed for the development of scalable data pipelines enabling analytics and reporting and optimized performance of current data infrastructure to remove blockers in decision making.

From an analytic viewpoint, the company defined measurement frameworks and KPIs for campaign effectiveness and return on marketing investments (ROMI), enabling better decision making. The company also developed advanced Analytics including AB testing, simulation, and measurement, providing ongoing insights on campaign performance measurement, customer engagement and understanding, customer purchase behavior and campaign planning and optimization.

Capgemini Invent helped develop a consumption layer with a production of insights systems and delivered key findings and recommendations to drive better decision making on campaign design and targeting. They also provided marketing operations support and automation, list management, and process automation.

In partnership with Capgemini Invent, the global cafe and retailer established new marketing practices that cut costs and enhanced customer experiences. With the new marketing activities structure, they were equipped with ongoing analytics and measurement services for marketing and loyalty programs across channels and a range of campaigns. The retailer was able to optimize their speed to insight, with a 96% reduction in processing time from 24+ hours to just 55 minutes.

Reduction in mass marketing spend was enabled through personalized marketing to the right customers. Capgemini Invent also provided insights for corporate marketing to guide their marketing strategy to maximize ROMI.

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