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Client Story

Empowering Patients to Continue Treatment for OAB


Finding relief for OAB symptoms can be a long, frustrating journey. The majority of patients cycle through multiple oral medications without satisfactory results. 50% of patients discontinue treatment and many give up on treatment entirely. Patients are often not aware of other treatment options. Hence, patients tend to “settle” for just coping with their symptoms.


Capgemini Invent approached this challenge by creating a multi-platform, unbranded campaign that was designed to engage, motivate, and educate OAB sufferers about their treatment options.


Our solution proved successful in the following ways:

  • Averaged 140,568 website visits per week
  • Averaged 1,758 “Find a Specialist” searches per week
  • Nearly 700 registrants in the CRM program
  • 48% above average industry open rate for emails
  • Double the average industry click-through rate