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HFS Research commends Capgemini on its TechnoVision 2021 Framework for Financial Services

09 Sep 2021

Capgemini has been recognized by HFS Research in its recently released report, entitled HFS Highlight: Capgemini’s Financial Services TechnoVision 2021 framework is more than meets the eye.

HFS has applauded Capgemini’s deep data-driven approach to track and understand the course of technology trends and applied adoption in this sector supported by Capgemini’s Tech Radar[1], a special baseline developed for each in scope technology domain that helps enterprises anticipate technology changes and decide technology strategies.

The HFS Highlight report commends Capgemini for addressing specific implications for the financial sector given the contextual technology adoption and broader digital transformation required in the post-pandemic world.

Released externally for the second time, the Capgemini TechnoVision framework for Financial Services categorizes technology drivers into the ‘what’ of technology business trends and overarching design principles and the ‘how’ of creating a balanced technology. It is a data-driven approach developed to track and apply emerging technologies in the financial sector based on their maturity levels supported by Capgemini’s Tech Radar.

According to Elena Christopher, SVP at HFS Research “We were delighted to see that Capgemini released a financial services version of its TechnoVision 2021 given how contextual technology adoption and broader digital transformation are. We thought it was simply an industry trends report. We were delighted to learn that it is a deep data-driven approach supported by Capgemini’s Tech Radar to help best understand tech trends and how they can most effectively be leveraged based on client maturity. More than meets the eye indeed.”

“Agility and speed are key drivers for the transformation of the financial services industry. To achieve adaptability, banks and insurers must use digital systems and services to transform into nimble, customer-focused organizations. This edition of Capgemini’s TechnoVision dedicated to Financial Services illustrates and brings to life how some banks and insurers have embraced upcoming technology trends articulated through TechnoVision building blocks, towards driving technology fueled growth and business success,” said Sudhir Pai, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO) of Capgemini’s Financial Services.

The report is available here on the HFS Research website.

[1] A Tech Radar is developed for each in-scope technology domain. Capgemini gathers more than 1500 data points across ten technology domains, recording movements and changes in technologies, approaches, vendors, and use cases. The collected data is validated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), including its internal network of domain Chief Technology and Innovation Officers (CTIOs). This Tech Radar approach informs the TechnoVision framework and reinforces its applicability throughout the year, helping to contextualize client needs by domain and industry.