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Top Trends in Retail Banking: 2021

In an uncertain year that has called for resilience, traditional retail banks are shifting towards becoming more intelligent and experiential. Acting as a primary driver, COVID-19 has re-aligned operational models of banks towards becoming lean and agile. Incumbents continue to leverage open ecosystem while aiming to keep their customers informed, engaged, and satisfied. This analysis outlines the top 10 trends in retail banking for 2021.

The banking industry’s resilience is being tested as banks navigate through a remarkable 2020 filled with uncertainties. The impact of COVID-19 has been about setting the tone for future operational models. Retail banks have shifted focus towards integrated risk management with a more holistic view of operational risks. Adapting to the new normal, banks have prioritized cost transformation while engaging customers virtually. Incumbents sought to be more responsible within fast-changing environmental conditions and ESG remained a critical focus.

To provide more experiential services, banks are leveraging techniques such as segment-of-one to hyper-personalize offerings while aiming to humanize digital channels for increased engagement. Banks are also revamping middle and back offices, going beyond the front end leveraging intelligent processes. Open X is enabling banks to play on their strengths and use the expertise of ecosystem players. Going forward, banks are poised to become an enhanced one-stop shop by providing consumers value-adding FS and non-FS experiences.

To acquire customers in cost-effective manner, retail banks are tapping value-based propositions ‒ such as POS financing and mortgage refinancing. Further, Banking-as-Service provides incumbents a way to provide their high-value offerings to other players. In preparation for the future, banks will be looking to improve their go-to-market agility by leveraging the benefits of cloud. This analysis outlines the top 10 trends in retail banking for 2021.